14 Resources for Korean Technology, Business, Economic, and Startup News
2014년 07월 04일

There are a number of good resources for finding information on Korean Technology, business and tech start- ups. Some are a bit more difficult to find, so here is a list of the most helpful news outlets and startup resources for Korea.

beSUCCESSIf your reading this article than you no doubt know who beSUCCESS is and what we do. But just in case:

beSUCCESS is a South Korean media platform about startups, technology and entrepreneurship with English and Korean language versions. beSUCCESS introduces Korean start-ups and companies to global audiences through our English version and through our global media partners. Through our Korean version beSUCCESS supports and inspires Korean entrepreneurs by sharing global success stories, resources and startup trends from around the world. Furthermore, beSUCCESS offers opportunities for Korean start-ups to meet their global peers, investors and partners from Korea and abroad through our events, including beLAUNCH (Korea) and beGLOBAL (Silicon Valley).

Business Korea: Korea's Premier Business Portal. "BusinessKorea is the oldest and most well-known monthly magazine on business in the Korean peninsula. It was first published in June 1983, and celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. BusinessKorea now has their own website, which has rapidly become a mainstay for those who want to keep up with everything business, economy, and industry in Korea. It is also the place to turn to if you want to be the first to know what's going on with Korea's many chaebol, or conglomerates. "

National News Outlets, online:

Korea herald: Korea's Largest English newspaper. It normally has decent headlines about Korean news and tech developments and sometimes has headlines before they make global papers. As a more general resource for what's going on in Korea they are not a bad bet. Their coverage of startups and tech is not as impressive as BusinessKorea, but they occasionally have unique stories that have not been covered else-where.

Yonhap News: This is the English version of one of the major Korean online newspapers. While the coverage is incredibly brief at times, it can offer some interesting up-to-the-minute news headlines relating to tech and business.

Korea Economic Daily: This is another English version of a Korean paper. The title says it all. It covers news and headlines pertaining to Korea, often discussing mergers and partnerships (or lawsuits) between Korean and overseas conglomerates. The reporting is pretty good, through very broad.

Joongang Daily:  This is not a very reliable source for news (there are often big gaps between postings), but some of the stories are interesting and fill in as background research on stories and business / technology topics.

MK News: Ok, we're scraping the barrel a bit here, but as with Joongang, this resource can be useful to fill in on researching of specific topics.

Chosun Ilbo: Another Barrel scrape here, but you will find some interesting stories of overseas companies that are entering the Korean market.

Invest Korea: According to their Commissioner: "Invest Korea provides foreign investors with a free one-stop consulting service that spans from the pre-investment to post-investment stages." They have many useful financial-focused reports and resources, but if you are looking for startup related support, they are not top of the list.

KOTRA: The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency. KOTRA aims to create new export markets for Korean businesses and added an investment focus around 15 years ago. The organization also aims to support Korean companies expanding overseas, to attract foreign professionals, to fulfil our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to create jobs overseas. While the efficacy of the organization is regularly questioned, they are a good resource for information about the focus of Korean companies overseas.

KoreanConsulting: Steven Bammel has lived in Korea for over 20 years as a foreigner and his website is an excellent resource for doing business in Korea. his blog is also a great way of keeping up with what's happening on the peninsula.

Private Equity KoreaThe goal of Private Equity Korea is to produce Breaking News & Deal Opportunities for Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors. It's a part of KOTRA (more on them later).

If you read Korean:

Platum: Platum is the most visited tech startup media in Korea, with both a Korean and Chinese language edition.

VentureSquare: Venture Square is a Korean language startup news publication, which charts the day to day workings of Korean technology and startups.


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