Innovative Technology Solutions by BBP to Make Buildings Energy Efficient
1월 14, 2019

Buildings are the iconic landmarks for any city. However, what is often overlooked is to find ways to improve the energy efficiency of these buildings that can help in alleviating many challenges that cities face from public health problems to climate change.

Buildings have always been huge and long-lasting investments and efficient buildings provide better financial and social returns. Adopting modern energy saving solutions is imperative for both industrial and commercial buildings. Barghest Building Performance, a Singapore based company provides effective energy saving solutions to Ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems.

BBP has recently received US $32.8 million investment from KKR, a global investment firm. The company’s dynamic and entrepreneurial team aims to achieve meaningful and sustainable cost savings for customers with measurable environmental impacts for society.

BBP’s Tech solutions

BBP was founded in 2012 and operates in Southeast Asia, India, China, and Taiwan. The company is accredited by Singapore’s National Government bodies such as; National Environment Agency, Infocomm Media Development Authority, and Building and Construction Authority.

BBP uses a combination of sensors, proprietary software algorithms, equipment, and customized engineering to deliver the same cooling loads to sites. Their patent optimization algorithm adds a layer of intelligence to the existing chiller plants of the building and reducing the energy consumption by 10%-40%.

Committed to helping customers achieve their energy efficiency goals

Engineers perform a site audit before presenting the solution to calculate the magnitude of energy potential savings. The company offers a variety of commercial arrangements that include a fully funded option as well.

The equipment needed for BBP’s patent-pending algorithm is installed to optimize the operation of the existing plant devoid of any operational risk. Advanced analytics is used by BBP’s tech team to extract unique insights from live data and then the parameters of the algorithms are fine-tuned for continuous improvement.

Besides that, BBP’s clients can also use the asset management services and commissioning and sustainable technologies that can track the level of savings over time.

The company was named as the finalist in recognition of its pioneering Smart Building technology during the SG:D  Techblazer awards in 2018. The CEO and co-founder Mr. Poyan Rajamand advised Singapore Government Agencies on Green financing and has been in continuous discussion with organizations linked with Government. BBP contributes solutions to Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, and Affordable and Clean Energy; which are two of the United Nations SDG.

Get in touch with the team today to learn more about the energy efficiency solutions.

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