Korean startup FutureBioWorks making safe connections for health of ‘hearts’
1월 17, 2019

Myocardial Infarction or Heart Failure is of the most common causes of death in humans. A person with heart problem needs surgery like a bypass or vascular anastomosis. Korean startup FutureBioWorks’ Biotechnology Research Institute is developing a shape memory polymer for safe and fast vascular implants with excellent characteristics.

BM-Tube connection for safe, faster recovery

The product BM-Tube has many advantages because of shape memory polymer use. Shape Memory Polymer based vascular stents are more flexible, compliant and simpler in usage compared to current metallic vascular stents. Shape Memory Polymers have a lower manufacturing cost, better shape recovery ability, and easier shape change than shape memory alloys. When compared to existing methods of suturing or coupler devices . While suturing operation takes over 60 minutes of time and requires a specialist, the BM-Tube fixation can be done in 5 minutes and a general surgeon can also conduct the procedure.

FutureBioWorks has successfully done prototype production and animal testing of BM-Tube in 2016-17. Eight pig blood vessel anastomosis experiments were conducted successfully with a 3-month survival rate after the BM-Tube connection.

BM-Tube can be utilised for various healthcare necessities. The main function for the BM-Tube is for coronary bypass artery surgery, blood vessel connection. The startup views that BM-Tube can be utilised even for non-blood vessel organ connections like for ureteral stent and nasolacrimal enlargement, for breast reconstruction or skin tissue reconstruction after cancer treatment and even for organ transplant except for eyes, bones and spinal cord.

Mission to serve humans across the globe

The team of FutureBioWorks consists of a team of R&D experts, surgeons, and specialists in the cardiovascular healthcare field. The company is expecting profound growth in the market of BM-Tube usage specially for organ connection. The startup is expecting to launch BM-Tube for organ transplant and flip-flap surgery worldwide by 2023.

In 2019, the startup is set to release the product for nasolacrimal duct expansion in Korea. The startup aims to reach a sales target of $136 million by 2024. Future Bio Works’s mission is to become a global company that improves the quality of human life through safe and quick bio-connection tube products based on material technology and creative medical device manufacturing technology.

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