WeFit – For A Fitter Tomorrow
2월 11, 2019

Owing to the rising popularity of fitness-based recreational activities, the market has reached a near saturation point making it overwhelmingly difficult for one to choose their ideal place for their routine fitness sessions. This very need for an organized view of the available fitness partners around a locality gave rise to WeFit – an application that organizes and presents the user with data about nearby recreational activity grounds and allowing them to make appointments for the same. WeFit is mainly focused on the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Developed by Onaclover JSC under the guidance of its CEO Nguyen Khoi, WeFit aims to expand beyond being exclusive to the nation of Vietnam. The concept has also been approved and received a seed-funding of US$1 Million.

  • Ease of Use – The application presents the user with data about nearby fitness centers with markers and varying icons littered around the map of the surrounding locality. Users can click on a specific icon to know more about the place and, if interested, book a training schedule at the place with just a mere touch of a button. This makes the application not only easy to use but also makes it efficient as it allows the user to do what they intend to do with minimal efforts or additional procedures.

  • Varying Activities – The WeFit application is not only limited to displaying the gyms in the surrounding area but also other recreational and fitness-related activities to provide the users with a wide range of selections to choose from. The application delivers information about other recreational activities in an organized manner which doesn’t overwhelm the user. Users can book a schedule for activities such as Zumba, Boxing, Swimming, and Yoga, to name a few.

  • Convenience – The WeFit application delivers the user with data about the fitness centers that are the closest to their location and are the best rated. This ensures that the users can choose their ideal choice of a fitness center with ease and without going through never-ending lists to choose from. The application also suggests the ideal spots for other recreational activities.

The WeFit application is entirely dedicated to fitness. It doesn’t limit its users by restricting them to choose from only gyms around the area but also includes other recreational activities such as Sauna, Indoor Climbing, Bowling, and Archery. This application is ideal for anyone who wishes to either choose their ideal fitness spot or just wants to unwind after a stressful day by indulging themselves with other recreational activities. Owing to the same, WeFit has garnered the attention of millions of people in the nation of Vietnam.

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