K Cube Ventures invests into Binary VR a Korean facial recognition startup
2015년 09월 22일



[보도자료 이미지] 바이너리VR 로고

Technology investment specialist K Cube Ventures, confirmed on the 22nd investment of US$400k (KRW 470m) into Binary VR, a startup for facial expression tracking based on cyber reality and avatar generating solution.

Binary VR is able to recognise facial expressions in real time and transfer this onto a virtual reality 3D generated avatar. Ryu Ji Hoon a key member of Binary VR had previously developed relevant technology whilst working for Lucasfilm (USA) which was used in animation characters in a multitude of movies. This provides Binary VR with world class level R&D capability which combines cyber reality with facial recognition.

At present, Binary VR is developing technology that projects a user’s facial expression onto its own avatar that exists on a cyber reality space and then conveys it to the other party in real time. By applying real time changes in facial expression to their own avatar on web or mobile, users can enjoy a more realistic experience. The experience will provide users with the ability to conduct social activity with other people entering cyber reality space in real time.

Not only will the technology produce a 3D avatar that resembles the user, but it will also be possible to produce real time expression onto other kinds of virtual avatars such as dinosaurs, aliens and other characters.

The technology is able to accurately recognize the upper part of the face that is covered by VR instrument.

At present, Binary VR is supported by Boost VC a well-known startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. Recently the company scouted Mr. Philip Rosedale, the founder of Linden Lab who developed Second Life a popular cyber reality service based on internet, as an advisor.

A project to connect the technology of Binary VR to a social VR platform Philip has been developing is now in progress. It plans to conduct a live demonstration of both platforms when developed.

Binary VR will participate in Oculus Connect 2, a VR developer conference held in LA from the 23th to 25th September. A live demonstration of the demo version is expected to be provided at this conference.  The demonstration will showcase ability to communicate while seeing the other party’s expression in real time in the cyber reality through use of wearable VR equipment.

Ryu Ji Hoon from Binary VR revealed the company's aspiration for revitalizing social content services through their VR platform which will track expressions in real time and generate them onto the 3D avatar.

Kim Kee Jun the partner at K Cube Ventures who led this investment commented, "When the technology of Binary VR R&D is applied to the global VR market, there is expectation of popularizing cyber reality.”

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