Fresh Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors: what Samsung confirmed and its goal for 2013
2012 12월 27

Samsung Electronics and Intel have been co-developing a mobile platform ‘TIZEN’ – and it is confirmed that its official version will be launched in 2013.

What is TIZEN and what does Samsung have in store for 2013?

TIZEN is a Linux-based, open-source OS. TIZEN OS uses the Linux as the original Android OS, but also has the new open-source web language HTML5 base platform technology, and is synchronized with multi-platform.  After negotiations, Samsung has confirmed that they aim to sell 10 million TIZEN handsets globally.

An insider said that [ko]:

“[TIZEN] will be supplied to global markets apart from Korea”. It is confirmed that Samsung will launch their TIZEN-based model. Samsung Electronics will launch it next March, first in Europe, Russia and Japan.

However, their aim of 10 million seems somewhat unambitious compared to that of Galaxy S3 (which set the world record for the best selling mobile device in the world).

Currently, Samsung Electronics is investing huge amounts of resources for the TIZEN expansion across the world. Already, the mobile OS ‘BADA’ platform is being synchronized to the TIZEN format, and considering the experience with BADA smartphones, selling around 20 million worldwide, it seems that Samsung’s decision will allow Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone series to be increasingly independent by decreasing the dependence on Google and others.

We, beSUCCESS, will keep our eyes peeled for this – but what do you think?

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