Korean Gamevil & Intivsoft Release New Mobile Action Game “Sir Death”
2013년 02월 19일

Korean mobile game developer Gamevil has just released a new mobile action game ‘Sir Death’ into the Korean domestic open markets. Having first been released in the Apple App Store back in October 2012, ‘Sir Death’ is now making forays into the general Korean smartphone gaming market.
"Sir Death" was developed by Intivsoft and published by Gamevil, through their $10M partner fund. The storyline follows Sir Death, who is on a quest to search for his lost daughter. This high-octane mobile action game has the look and feel of gangster movie, if you couldn’t guess by the game title.
Sir Death takes place in a post apocalyptic world in which zombies roam the streets and players proceed through the game in comic book style as the story unfolds in this ‘side scrolling action RPG’.

“Sir Death possesses elements of a serious zombie game but lightens the mood with the sheer coolness of the protagonist,” stated Kyu Lee, VP and Head of Gamevil USA, Inc.”
With easy-to-control combo techniques, Sir Death provides smartphone-specific action pleasures. For example, users can create their own shooting combos by configuring more than 70 in-game items and mastering gaming techniques.

About Intivsoft: Intivisoft was born as a game community in 2001, under the name Club BS, which produced four indie titles (Princess Savior in 2001, TaruTarus and Rice Chest Expedition in 2003 and a remake of Princess Savior in 2005). Having enjoyed some degree of success the club became Intivsoft in 2006. Their first game, a remake of TaruTaros Online was under development from 2007 and underwent beta testing through 2008. In 2009 TaruTaros Online was published in Korea and Taiwan. Following that the game was launched in Japan and Thailand in 2010 and in China in 2011. Sir Death is their second title, launched in the Apple App Store in October 2012.

About Gamevil: Gamevil is based in Seoul, with offices in LA and Tokyo. Established in 2000, Gamevil has earned a reputation as one of the best companies in the mobile games sector and has a diverse portfolio of games. Gamevil is committed to establishing mobile as the definitive mass market entertainment platform. Gamevil is listed on the KOSDAQ (Korean Stock Exchange).

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