Korean Security Startup ‘Lockin Company’ Promises High End Mobile Security For Startups
2014년 10월 29일

Lockin Company

Lockin Company is a Korean 'mobile application security company' that has targeted smaller app developers who struggle to afford the more expensive app security services from larger providers. They have recently launched their cloud-based SaaS security service.

How it works:

App developers upload their package data with their application's source code to Lockin’s cloud servers. the security layer is then added by Lockin's technology and sent back to the developers, before being released on public app stores. All files are delegated directly from Lockin’s servers to prevent data leakage.

If you use this service you can protect your source code from a wide range of security issues. Such as the problem faced with hackers being able to decompile mobile apps to steal their source code. Decompiling is becoming an increasingly critical issue for app developers, as the Android marketplace grows. In many cases mobile applications are unwittingly released  with lots of 'back doors' which allow hackers to obtain credit card information and database logins to back-end systems.

App developers are trying to protect themselves from such threats, but for small-scale developers or startups it is hard to develop high level services in-house and too expensive to buy in the services. Lockin Company claims to have solved this issue. Their software as a service (SaaS) product means that developers don’t need to buy off-the shelf solutions, which are often costly. Instead they need only purchase the actual modules they need, as they are required.

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