File Sharing Service ‘Send Anywhere’ nabs $6M Series A from Rakuten Ventures
2016 1월 21


Estmob Inc’s Send Anywhere , the leader in cross-platform file sharing, announced this week that it closed a $6 million Series A round lead by Saemin Ahn of Rakuten Ventures. This deal comes on the heels of the company surpassing milestones of 1.5+ million monthly unique devices and 5+ million cumulative downloads across all major smartphone and desktop computers in 150+ countries.

When speaking on the investment, Send Anywhere’s CSO and Co-founder Suhyuk Kang said, “we plan to strategically disperse Rakuten’s investment across three major areas: hiring, marketing, and further technical development. Since our last round of funding, we have doubled in size and plan to surpass that by the end of next year through hiring across all major functions from engineering to business development to growth. Furthermore, we plan to invest in platform specific marketing campaigns aimed at increasing user growth and retention in tandem with product development to guarantee strong and consistent future numbers. Lastly, we will heavily focus on technical development to support a more stable and efficient service available anywhere in the world.”

In teaming up with Send Anywhere again, Saemin Ahn said, “just a short five to seven years ago, people dreamed of cloud storage as being ubiquitous and users being able to access data and content on the fly. We’re getting there but what we realized was that latency and data quality + access costs were far bigger than expected incentives for consumers to carry around large storage capacity natively; think about it, when’s the last time you bought a 16 GB device in the US or other developed markets? Your phones and tablets have become in essence the true mobile-first cloud storage mediums in their utility.

In this light Send Anywhere’s user base has embraced the service’s ability to transfer data from one point to another seamlessly. In the span of 1.5 years, their customer base has grown 5x and push through more than 500 TB of data to one another. RV is very honored to be apart of Estmob’s next growth vector and will do all we can to support their endeavors.”

One of these endeavors is Send Anywhere 3.0 which keeps the simplistic, powerful nature of the current product while adding new features to boost usability such as “Auto-Resume” which continues any interrupted download from where it halted. Additionally, the “History Room” feature allows users to track all files sent between devices via a user-friendly messenger-like interface. Lastly, “Multi-Transfer” allows transfers across multiple devices simultaneously. This functionality, and more, will further Send Anywhere’s march towards a more robust file sharing application.

Based in Seoul, Send Anywhere started in 2012 to tackle the problem of how to most efficiently send files between two devices given variations in network conditions. What started as a domestic app for Android users has blossomed into a global, cross-platform application with endless possibilities.

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