New Korean-made Photo SNS And Global Media App Hits The App Stores
2013 2월 13

Described by the makers as “Twitter for photos” Happenin distinguishes itself from the many other photo sharing apps by allowing users to post only photos that have been taken in that very moment. This characteristic promises many changes in favor of users, according the developers, GreySox. Firstly, only one instance of a photo is possible. Second, geolocation information with each photo enables you to be able to tell exactly when and where the photo was taken, improving content reliability. Lastly, instead of the jumble of photos you might find elsewhere, on Happenin, photos are ordered chronologically from the moment that you are standing in. This means that fans can easily find the latest shots of their favorite celebrity.

The company prides their real-time “Liveness” and believe that although Twitter does a good job of providing the latest news, it lacks the visual aspect that the public desires. Twitter proved its capability during the 2009 incidence of plane landing on Hudson River, but would have allowed users to follow the situation in real time? It also has practical uses in picking up live weather coverage. For news, Happenin also has useful applications, through its visual chronology of photos. The speed at which people consume web contents is skyrocketing, and the team believe they have filled a void for visual information in real time.

“Channel” and “Broadcast” are the concepts behind the app’s objective to become an alternative media. Users can create their own channel and manage who can access and post on the channel in the privacy settings. Broadcasting is a function equivalent to Facebook’s like and Twitter’s retwit. Together, these enable users to find and share contents according to their interests and spread what’s buzz-worthy. Channels can become private live photo sharing booths between couples, small groups, but public channels are expected to blossom into new media channels. The developers envision a dynamic platform where each user can become a news photographer and commenter.

Although media is Happenin’s main ambition “news” does not need to mean headline material. Anything from localized weather to remarkable instances, like proposed ufo sightings can be recorded. The intention is for people to create news from their everyday lives. At its fullest potential Happenin could become a truly global SNS. Existing services provide means to reach out globally, but text-heavy services like Twitter are hampered by language barriers. Global interaction is also fairly limited on existing photo sharing services because they either require people to friend first in order to see other people’s photos, or they are simply not geared to encourage it by design. Happenin is built in a way that encourages more open global sharing of contents and the“Trending” tab enables users to browse through top 100 most popular photos of their local area, country, and the world. Photo maps that list photos by geolocation also add a unique local aspect. The developers believe that users will face a world brought so much closer on Happenin.

About greySox, Inc.

GreySox seeks new and creative ways to help people find greater meaning in life through technology. The company was founded as a developer group in 2007 by engineers Steve Lee and Mooseok Bhang. In 2011, Hongkyun Kim and Hansang Lee from design firm, The Pot, joined the founding pair. With the four board members, greySox carried out Mobile Application Development projects, including successful musical instrument apps; String Trio, Drum Meister, and Finger Stomp. At the same time, greySox worked with Korea’s major media companies, and it was during that period that they realized the importance of photography in media. This realization, combined with the company’s core values; living spontaneously and bringing people together through technology, soon conceived the idea of Happenin.


Application Portfolio Independent Projects:

• String Trio - music & game

• Drum Meister - music & game

• Finger Stomp - music & game

• Aquarist - game

• Missing Child - utility

• The Parking - utility, etc

Outsourced Projects:

• Entertainment News - media

• Sports Chosun - media, etc

• Daily Sports - media

• Ebook Store - media, eBook

• Time Attack for Cheil Worldwide Inc. - social commerce platform

• Dosirak for iPad for KT - music streaming

• Hyundai Card Super Series

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