Our Esteemed Speakers For beLAUNCH 2013!
4월 30, 2013

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Check out our speakers for beLAUNCH 2013!!

The order is in the order that they are speaking in! 🙂

■     James Jung     CEO of beSUCCESS

■     Euno Lee     Editor of beSUCCESS

■     Mongjoon Chung     Honorary Chairman of ASAN Nanum Foundation

■     Phil Libin     CEO of Evernote

■     Jaeuk Park     CEO of VCNC

■     Jeongseok Chester Roh     CEO of Ablar Co.

■     Bongjin Kim     CEO of Baedal Minjok

■     John S Kim     CEO of Smile Family Inc.

■     Planet Jack     Seri and Jacky from EasyWorks

 ■     Kihong Bae     Co-founder of Strong Ventures

■     Junghee Ryu     CEO of Olaworks

■     Seokheun Kang     Partner of Bon Angels Partners

■     Kingsley Wood     Business Development Manager of Amazon Web Services

■     Eunkang Song     General Partner of CapStone Partners

■     Heewoo Lee     CEO of IDG Ventures

■     Hyungseok (Dino) Ha     CEO of Memebox

■     Yasuhiko Yurimoto     CEO of GlobalBrain

■     Eunse Lee     CEO of EICG

■     Yasuhiko Yurimoto     CEO of GlobalBrain

■     Han Kim     Partner of Altos Ventures

■     Eric Kim     Managing Director of Maverick Capital

■     Kihong Bae     Co-founder of Strong Ventures

■     Euntaek (Simon) Hong     CCO of Kakao

■     Kisik Bae     CEO of Ridibooks

■     Youngsook Song     Chief of Reading Management Research Center of KyoboBooks

■     Sirgoo Lee     CEO of KakaoTalk

■     Sunyoung Park     Editor of beSUCCESS

■     Byunggyu Jang     CEO of Bon Angels

■     Jinju Jeon     Editor of beSUCCESS

■     Anthony Lee     Partner of Altos Ventures

■     Eric Kim     Managing Director of Maverick Capital

■     Yasuhiko Yurimoto     CEO of GlobalBrain

■     Kyungsang Yu     Director of SK Planet

■     Jun Kim     Venture Capitalist of K Cube Ventures

■     Jeffrey Lim   CEO of RocketOz

■     Jungwoong Lee   CEO of Sundaytoz

■     Changsu Lee   CEO of 5Rocks

■     Donghyun Kim (Mobile Game Director of Daum)

■     Vallabh Rao   Global Editor of beSUCCESS

■     Willis Wee   Founder of TechInAsia

■     Gwendolyn Regina T   CEO of SGentreperneurs

■     Sangrae Cho   CEO of Platum

■     Ken Wilcox     Chairman of Silicon Valley Bank

■     Bomseok Kim     CEO of Coupang

■     Jay Eum     Co-CEO of Translink Capital

■     Saeju Jeong     CEO of Noom

■     Christine Tsai     Partner of 500Startups

■     Soujanya Bhumkar     CEO of CoolIris

■     Chang Kim     CEO of Tapas Media

■     Kihong Bae     Co-founder of Strong Ventures

■     Christine Tsai     Partner of 500Startups

■     Jay Eum     Co-CEO of TransLink Capital

■     Jeff Clavier     CEO of SoftTech

■     David Lee     Co-CEO of Kstartup

■     Ryan Zho     CEO of BITAMIN

 ■     Aviram Jenik     CEO of Beyond Security

 ■     Jooncheol Yang     CEO of OnOffmix

■     Bogeun Choi     Section Chief of Ministry of Culture and Tourism

■     Jeongshin Lee     Director for Open Innovation Group of Samsung SDS

■     Youngha Go     President of Go Ventures

■     Jinhyung Kim     Professor at KAIST

■     Chang Kim     CEO of Tapas Media

■     Nathan Millard     Director of beSUCCESS

■     Aviram Jenik    CEO of Beyond Security

■     David Lee     Co-CEO of Kstartup

■     Bernard Moon     Co-CEO of SparkLabs

■     Christine Tsai     Partner of 500Startups

■     Ben Levy     Partner of BootstrapLabs

■     John Nahm   Co-founder of Strong Ventures

■     Kingsley Wood   Business Development Manager of Amazon Web Services

■     Channy Yun   Tech Evangelist of Daum

■     Hyun Park   VP International of DramaFever

■     Sally Park     Manager of KISED

■     Richard Choo     CEO of K-POP United & MJ Partners

     Jinju Jeon     Editor of beSUCCESS

■     Jeff Clavier     CEO of SoftTech

■     Yasuhiko Yurimoto     CEO of GlobalBrain

■     Ryan Zho     CEO of BITAMIN

■     Aviram Jenik     CEO of Beyond Security

■     John Nahm     Co-founder of Strong Ventures

■     Jimmy Rim     CEO of K Cube Ventures

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