A Look At beGLBOAL Startups: Kairos Watches And Team Blind
10월 7, 2014

beGLOBAL was the annual event held in Silicon Valley, hosted by beSUCCESS. In the following piece we take a look at two of the teams that were selected to pitch to investors at the event. Kairos Watches claims to have built the world's first mechanical watch and has secured well over $1M in pre-sales. Team Blind has developed a secret messaging system to allow employees to communicated in the work setting anonymously.

Kairos Watches

When you read the term 'smartwatch', you might think it's the same old smartwatch by a different company. However, Kairo watches is actually different. Kairo Watches fuses the traditional watch making design with technological innovations. Using transparent displays they are able to maintain the look of a luxurious watch. As of now, no traditional watch makers have entered this market, thereby making Kairos the first of its kind.

With Karios, you can receive notifications from your email, text messages or even your favorite applications. It can also be used as a remote control for table or phone. Giving you such features as the ability to control your music while walking or jogging. These days no smartwatch is complete without the Health features, so Kairos made sure you are able to track your daily activity.  All of these features plus the look of an authentic watch you would think the battery life would be horrible but in fact it is estimated that you can wear Kairos for between 5-7days before you need to change the battery.

Kairos has successfully combined the centuries old watch making heritage with the latest technology offerings in wearable computing to create the world's first and only mechanical smart watch hybrid. The higher price of Kairos make it an item of prestige.  Kairos hasn't forgot that a writstwatch is a fashion statement before it is technology. Because of this, buyers of wristwatches appreciate the aesthetics of Karios watches.

Team Blind

Bringing you an anonymous mobile social messaging service is TEAM BLIND based in the US. Currently servicing 22,000 users in 30 major companies in South Korea, their goal is to connect office workers through the ability to post articles, comment, like, and participate in polls on message boards.

Thinking of the best way to optimize user interaction, Team Blind created two types of boards: the internal company closed network

and the open network for employees who work in the same industry. Thereby, promoting a competitive but innovation connection amongst workers.

Team Blind is more focused on the core value of the product which is communication. Thus enabling them to build a strong community first, and then add more features and BM.  Through focusing con customer retention and satisfaction above features, Team Blind is building a stronger business than their competitors. Current customer engagement is as follows 54% of Blind users visit daily, 70% weekly, 90% monthly, and DAU/MAU is at 60%. In addition, 76% of our users are engaged in at least one activity.

Current customer base is filled with people who work at major companies in South Korea. Through searching for clues from user posts and comments, Team Blind is able to hone a quality product.

Like most start-ups, they are looking for investors who share their vision. They are hoping to build out our US business network and further refine our business US Market strategy, through gaining insight from the US market.

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