Daum Kakao Releases Transparency Report
1월 23, 2015


Daum Kakao (co-CEOs Saehoon Choi and Sirgoo Lee) today revealed its first transparency report through its corporate website. Daum Kakao reemphasized its philosophy of placing protection of users’ information as its number one priority, and disclosed data regarding user information requests. Daum Kakao also plans to further its efforts to protect user privacy by regularly updating data in the transparency report and by actively engaging in social discussions for privacy protection.

“It is very significant that a company took the initiative to share its data on user information requests from the government and disclosed its various efforts on privacy protection in addition to its philosophy on privacy,” said Tai-Myoung Chung, the Chairperson for Daum Kakao’s Privacy Policy Advisory Committee. He continued, “We hope this transparency report will help foster an online culture where the user’s right to know and privacy are properly protected.”

“A transparency report is a fundamental yet crucial part in a corporation’s efforts to protect user privacy,” said Sirgoo Lee, co-CEO of Daum Kakao. “In addition to developing innovative and convenient services, everyone at Daum Kakao will make all efforts to protect user information and minimize privacy violations,” he added.

Daum Kakao’s transparency report disclosed the number of requests from government agencies and subsequent compliances regarding information about its users starting from 2012 on a half-year basis. In addition, the company also disclosed the number of requests for protection of users rights including copyright, trademark and likeness infringements, defamation, and requests for removal of personal information. Such information, resulting from personal rights issues or government requests for removal, has also been viewed as being in need for transparent disclosure.

The transparency report is composed of five sections; Philosophy, Transparency, Our Privacy Protection Efforts, Recent News and Trends, and FAQ.

In the Philosophy section, Daum Kakao introduces its service operation principles, message from the Chief Privacy Officer and the organization chart. Sirgoo Lee, the co-CEO of Daum Kakao, also serves as the Chief Privacy Officer. The organization also includes a task force dedicated to privacy issues along with a Privacy Policy Advisory Committee composed of outside experts ensures immediate and comprehensive response to key privacy issues. Special departments composed of technical and policy experts are also in place. All discussions and decisions are held and made through the Personal Information Protection Committee, which holds the highest decision-making power regarding privacy issues.


The Transparency section illustrates the lifecycle of user information in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. The infographic details each stage, including the collection process, how the information is used, whom it is provided to and how it is discarded. The section also provides a link to Daum Kakao’s Privacy Policy. In addition, data pertaining to requests from government agencies for user information along with requests from users and government agencies for protection of user rights are disclosed through this section

Included in the Our Privacy Protection Efforts section are Daum Kakao’s efforts to strengthen user privacy including KakaoTalk Secret Chat mode, privacy impact assessment, infringement prevention activities, strict external and internal access restrictions and 24-hour security measures. In addition, the section includes an overview of the Privacy Policy Advisory Commission and Daum Kakao’s security certifications from renowned outside organizations.

The Recent News and Trends section details the latest media coverage and policy changes regarding user privacy protection and will serve as a resource in future dialogues. Lastly, the FAQ section answers key questions users may have regarding Daum Kakao’s privacy protection policies and Transparency Report.

Following the publication of its first Transparency Report, Daum Kakao plans to strengthen the report by integrating user feedback and a wide range of public opinion.

Appendix 1 – Government requests for user information



Appendix 2 – User Rights Protection


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