Flava reinvents journal writing experience for mobile lifestyle
2월 13, 2013

Greenmonster, Inc. (Seoul) aims to reinvent mobile journal writing experience with its milestone product Flava™. Flava began with an iOS diary app development project back in early 2011 with the goal of unleashing iphone’s multimedia journalistic capacity within a single app interface.

Flava debuted as a paid app for iphone users in the second half of 2011. A week after the initial release, the app was featured in itunes’ New & Noteworthy category from 105 countries including US, Japan and China. Two weeks later, Flava was again featured in the What’s Hot section in itunes stores in the US, Canada and China.

Gaining confidence from successful initial market response, Greenmonster moved forward with more the ambitious goal of turning Flava into a cloud based multiplatform service. Flava dropped the price barrier in order to acquire more users and raised close to $500k in its 1st round of venture capital funding.

In Q3 2012, Greenmonster introduced the Flava Android app and enabled cloud back-up of user data and also released 2.0 version of the iOS app with a major UX/UI renewal. With the introduction of cloud back-up, the expectation was that Greenmonster would eventually release a web version of Flava. However, few could have imagined that Flava’s web version would arrive as early as January 2013.

“It might appear that we’re doing too much too fast”, CEO Daniel Ha said. “However, the entire product line-up was envisioned back in 2011, and we’ve been working towards this big picture throughout 2012 and things are just becoming more visible now”.

Daniel also believes that “making journal writing easier with smartphones was only half of the job. We wanted Flava to become a cloud based multiplatform service so that our users can rely on Flava for lifetime continuity of journal keeping.” The web version was actually conceived resulting from Flava users’ high demand for the option to access the Flava timeline on a bigger screen so they can do more with personal content captured on the move.

Greenmonster wants to reinvent journal writing experience to go along with the emerging mobile lifestyle. Anyone thinking of developing their journal writing skills should definitely check out Flava. It’s currently available for free on iOS, and web with plenty of features and storage to get started.

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