Global Forum Opened By ICT
4월 11, 2013

The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (hereby ICT) held its first international meeting in preparation for the plenipotentiary conference of the "International Telecommunication Union" to be held at Busan next year.

The ITU plenipotentiary conference is expected to bring together about 3,000 people from different governments, international organizations, and businesses in 193 nations.

100 representatives from 38 member states from the Asia-Pacific region attended the meeting to get global ICT leadership. Since the launching of the new ministry, it marked the first global gathering.

The Vice Minister, Jong-lok Yoon said that “the focus of the new government’s ‘creative economy’ concept, which is the national development strategy, is in ICT... We will be able to jointly establish sustainable growth in the global arena through ICT."

Representatives suggested measures to increase the speed of the ICT convergence with other industries; they also discussed the expansion of  “Internet of things."


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