KakaoPage Launched: What About LINE and Joyn?
4월 11, 2013

Kakao - the famous operator for the mobile messenger KakaoTalk unveiled a new mobile content platform, KakaoPage. It is seeking to bolster their revenue with a new business model. We wrote about this previously, but we thought an update was necessary now that it is officially launched!

The launch can be seen as the homegrown startup's move to solidify revenue sources. It also has an incredibly large (and growing!) subscription base.

The homegrown startup introduced a game platform 8 months ago - now it is launching a service featuring downloadable text, videos and applications that can be downloaded at a minimum of 500 KRW (approx. $0.44 USD). KakaoTalk garnered around 84 million subscriptions at the end of last month and the users will be able to upload content for sale by paying an annual membership of 50,000 KRW.

The team at Kakao also developed an optimal user interface to enhance readability; both KakaoTalk and Kakao Page (although it is only available in Korean at the moment) is downloadable on Android and iOS devices and it seems that they will be expanding the service to global users.

Wait, what about NHN? If you remember correctly, they are the operator for another popular mobile messenger, LINE. And what about Joyn, run by 3 major Korean telcos? The former have been making efforts to bank on the global popularity of the messenger service - they did announce that they will invest in "Camp Mobile" and "Line Plus" to strengthen their mobil clout. It will be interesting to see the shift in dynamics; what do you think?

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