KakaoTalk Launches PC Version
3월 28, 2013

Everyone is used to KakaoTalk on the mobile phone, but only a handful of us knows know also can have it in use on your dekstop.

KakaoTalk launched the KakaoTalk PC version (beta test) from yesterday, 26 March 2013.

You would be able to log in using your KakaoTalk ID, not your phone number. Verification would be made via phone and you would log in as usual and communicate PC to PC or PC to smartphone (they're synchronized).

The speed and efficiency of the service was improved and KakaoTalk PC Version kept the typical KakaoTalk color, yellow, as the main theme of the service. The layout is exactly like the phone version, so it's easy to use.

Some issues that arise from this is the privacy protection issues - the PC messenger would display phone numbers of your friends. An affiliate from KakaoTalk said that they are not going to incorporate a closed system just for the PC messenger. As for the privacy protection issues, they will be finding out other ways to deal with the problem.

It'd be interesting to see what the general reaction of the public is like; what do you think about this?

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