Meet the winner of beLAUNCH India edition : UMobile
4월 25, 2013

This year beLAUNCH organized an Indian edition to enable startups from India interested in entering the Korean/East Asian market. We are delighted to announce the winner of beLAUNCH India edition - Bangalore headquartered UMobile. A panel comprising of VCs and industry experts in Korea have chosen the winner from the 65 startups from India that applied. Palo Alto headquartered company Cooliris has supported the participation of the beLAUNCH India winner at beLAUNCH 2013 in Seoul.

UMobile is an IP driven mobile and wireless technology company powering the next generation of mobile devices to have seamless connectivity across multiple access networks. UMobile is an end-to-end technology provider, enabling OEMs and Carriers reduce their time to market by leveraging its strong IP Portfolio and its team of experts. UMobile is a one-stop-shop for the software needs of OEMs and Carriers. UMobile powers a range of innovations in the wireless domain with proven thought leadership.

The Key IPs that UMobile has developed are:

UANDSF- Standards based WiFi offloading module. We believe that a standards based offloading module is critical in maintaining seamless connectivity across multiple wireless technologies. Using UANDSF, Carriers around the world can manage end user connectivity and also reduce their infrastructure costs by offloading their capacity needs to WiFi networks with higher capacity than 4G/LTE.

UConnect – Complete Hybrid Wireless Connection Management Platform integrated with UANDSF for various form-factors and Platform. With UConnect and UANDSF, the device will always be connected to the most optimal connectivity technology based on Carrier and User Parameters.

Kepplr – Cloud based Data Sync Solution for Phones, Tablets, In-Car Entertainment, Set Top Boxes etc.

UManage – OMA DM based Device Management solution.

Apart from the IPs, UMobile offers engineering services to integrate their IPs with devices from their OEM / Carrier partners. They also create customized solutions for our customers based on their needs in this domain.

Their customers include Broadcom (One of Top #10 Semiconductor companies in the world), Intel - Licensed Kepplr for their Android Platform, Altair Semiconductors, D-Link and Asmaitha Wireless.

Sriram V Iyer, cofounder UMobile said, “As Part of our international expansion plans, we are incorporated in the US (as UMobile Inc) and we also have a sales presence in Japan. Strategically, we plan to expand to S. Korea (and Taiwan) in CY2013. We are already in talks with potential partners in S. Korea to take this engagement forward. Since S. Korea is a strategically important market for 4G/LTE and WiMAX / WiFi technologies, we believe that a strong presence in S. Korea will help UMobile reach its business objectives. We believe that beLAUNCH with its reach in S. Korean startup ecosystem is an ideal platform to launch UMobile in S.Korea.”

UMobile will be pitching on stage at beLAUNCH 2013 along with the top 20 startups from beLAUNCH Startup Battle. Click here to buy tickets for beLAUNCH 2013, South Korea’s biggest startup-tech conference.

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