Are You Programmed For Success? Find Out At A New Monthly VIP Event In Seoul?
3월 5, 2013

The Concept

"Through Inside The Founders, we want to offer you an opportunity to ponder your own destiny again. It's time to take a break from the race to success to think about your personal successful DNA. We want to bring you deeper, more meaningful, insights into your journey, and offer you a moment of contemplation about how you plan to get there, using your own innate qualities and ambitions," said James Jung, CEO of beSUCCESS.

Does DNA Program Us For Success?

When Jack was young, his friend always got perfect grades, even though he played all day. Time passed and they ended up studying at the same major at university, but Jack’s friend got into the top university, whereas Jacks was mediocre. The pair often skipped classes and drank late into the night, playing games and ignoring their studies. Even though they put in similar levels of effort in everything, Jack’s friend always achieved better results. With work, play, ladies…everything.

When Jack asked 'how?' He answered, "My DNA is first-class".

Can DNA, that determines our genetic make-up really give a person natural, 'inborn' abilities? DO top earners or jackpot winners have special DNA programmed for success? If so, is there a way to determine if my DNA is ‘successful’ DNA? And if my DNA has not been programmed me for success, should I give up, or can I make it up with effort?

Question: How can I modify the success of my DNA to greater achievements.

The Inside ‘The Founders Project’

'Inside the Founders' is a project for those questioning the same thing as the person in the story above. It aims to help you to dig out your successful DNA and help you realize its full potential.

'Inside the Founders' will give you profound insight about specific fields, delivered directly by successful entrepreneurs. This project will be run on a monthly basis with tech entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of their field. The 1 on 1 interview will be recorded and analytical articles produced to try to understand the make-up of success, and how you can achieve it.

Who’s Behind This Project?

Tech & Startup media beSUCCESS will organize 'Inside the Founders' with global support from Amazon Web Services, SK Planet, GlobalBrain, KISA, Kyobo, Bitamin and RocketPunch.

When Does It Kick Off?

The First 'Inside the Founders' will be held on 12th March, in Gangnam, Seoul with Seok-Hwan You from Bio-tech company, 'Questpharma'.

Inaugural Title Speech

"The Future of Tech in the Bio/Health industry", the first 'Inside the Founders' will bring you future trends about the Bio-tech and Healthcare industries.

Seok-Hwan You is CEO of Bio-tech company 'Questpharma' and 3D printing company 'Rokit' and was president of 'Celltrion', a top pharmaceutical company in South Korea. Now his dream through Questpharma's is to create an internationally approved anti-cancer vaccine, as a major first in the korean bio-tech history.

As well as discussing future trends in teh Bio-tech and Healthcare industry he will analyze his successful DNA and how it lead him to this point.

Getting A Ticket

You can secure one of only 20 available seats at this inaugural event by contacting (cost is 10,000won / $10). Another 60 attendees will receive a special invitation from the organizers.

Is your DNA programmed for success? Join us for an journey of discovery at the first 'Inside the Founders'.

NOTE: Speeches and discussion will be in Korean

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