Samsung’s Smartphone Sales Eclipse Combined 1 & 2 Rank (Apple and Nokia) in 2012
1월 28, 2013

Samsung Electronics sold 213 smartphones globally last year. This figure is higher than the combined sales of number No. 2 and No. 3 ranked manufacturers, Apple and Nokia, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics. This figure also represents the first time in the company’s history that it has crossed the 30% of market share mark. In the fourth quarter alone, Samsung Electronics sold 63 million phone devices, mainly thanks to the popularity of its Galaxy S III, in contrast to poor showings for Apple’s Iphone 5.

This news, comes quick on the heels that Samsung and LG had beaten Apple into 1st and 2nd spot in the US, as reported January 21st.

The figures Samsung achieved are also a smartphone world record, previously held by Nokia in 2010 when it sold 100 million smartphones. Samsung Electronics has benefitted hugely from having a very wide range of options, from high-end ‘Galaxy’ models such as the Galaxy Note, through to the economical Galaxy Y. This strategy sets Samsung up to further penetrate developing markets, such as India and China in the next year, leaving Apple further behind unless the American high-end-only manufacturer pays truth to rumor by launching their own economy range of phones.

Apple was positioned at No. 2 with annual sales of 135.8 million units, including 47.8 million for the fourth quarter. Nokia sold 35 million units, ranking No. 3, according to Strategy Analytics figures.

Samsung Electronics and Apple had combined global market share of 49.8% in 2012. Nokia plunged from almost 16% in 2011, to a mere 5% in 2012.

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