This week’s Startup – JellyBus
6월 11, 2013

This Week's Startup - Jelly Bus Inc.


JellyBus Inc. <Picsplay Pro>

<Official Web Link>

Anyone can make awesome photos with us!

Whether you are an unskilled user or a photo experts, Jelly Bus assures that you can make a stunning photo by this photo editing app service "Picsplay pro". As it is called an Image processing engine, it provides a basic features and cutting-edge technologies. For example, its newest HDR functions updated by skillful and creative developers in Jelly Bus team can't be the same with the others. The app service is available both on iOS and Android and so can be optimized with HTC, SKT, and Motorola's smartphones. Another reason what makes  Picsplay Pro stand out among others providing similar service can be self-developed image processing engine which enables to deal with high-resolution images (up to 2048 px).

Founded in 2008, Jelly Bus provided 8 different kinds of Photo Editing apps. Every time the new app comes out, it draws a massive attention. Photo-filter app "HDR FX" beat over the largest photo-related app service "Instagram" by the number of downloads in App store. Its ambitious work 'Picsplay Pro" hit 5 million downloads which was never happened before for photo-related app service. Moreover, 16 million people downloaded Jelly Bus's apps in total (combining all app  services provided by Jelly Bus).

Furthermore, Jelly Bus introduced its new app "Moldiv" which is made by the creator of Picsplay Pro.  Almost all the bugs found in previous app service are eradicated and the interfaces (connecting to such as iphoto) are improved and more photo editing effects are added.

"90% of our total income is from overseas not motherland (S.Korea). It is amazing that I see people everywhere uploading photos edited by our app and we didn't tell them to do so (no advertising). I think people love our apps just because we complete their needs." the CEO and founder of Jelly Bus Mr.Kim added.

Although there was no high-cost marketing activities, Jelly Bus team always tried to interact with customers replying customers' complaints and opinions on their service. Jelly Bus team actually showed their guests later that products are improved according to all opinions and complaints. As a domino effect, we earn the royalty of the customers and they spread words of our apps over the others.

Jelly Bus's achievements can be seen from its attitude for "keep moving and never stop innovating for better". It is already exciting to see what innovation Jelly Bus will bring for the photo-related app service.



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