Has Twitter’s Vine Copied Korean Video SNS Service, RECOOD?
2월 13, 2013

Video SNS service, RECOOD from Seoul based AHIKU Corporation is already available on iOS and from Q2 2013 will be available on Android. The company recently spoke to us, highlighting the startling similarities with Twitter’s recently launched Vine service, but confidently asserted that their service boasts a number of features that Twitter’s option does not include. See below for a comparison of the two services. Here is a great video demonstrating their service.

You simply must see the app inaction to fully appreciate just how cool it is. The video recording and posting function is possible through a number of apps these days, but the ease of use and special (instantaneous) editing features are something I have not seen in any other similar application.

RECOOD is essentially an application that enables easy sharing of videos shot on a mobile phone and has been characterized as “an Instagram for videos”. It also allows for enhanced video filter effects (not available from Vine), plus a user-friendly interface, “beautiful design” and intuitive ease-of-use.

Users can record up to 10 seconds of video and then instantly share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other SNS accounts by simply clicking the Share icon. Additionally, users can easily view friends’ videos and build a network of “followers” within the RECOOD community.

“We developed RECOOD as a social video community of users who want to capture, record and share more detailed memories than simple photographic images” said CEO Naru Kim. “RECOOD enhances the user experience by providing an easier way to share uploaded videos than on YouTube. It also allows users to share their experiences with the world.”

AHIKU uses high-quality servers hosted by Amazon Web Services in multiple worldwide locations as its infrastructure platform in the cloud. Registration for RECOOD is very simple, as is capturing, editing and sharing video content.

RECOOD is available in the Apple App Store and from Q2 2013 for Android. Users can also download from the homepage here [http://recood.com].

The basic RECOOD service is free for recording/uploading videos. Additionally, a Freemium plan is available for additional features and unlimited recording time.


Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, AHIKU Corporation develops live broadcasting applications that help people communicate more efficiently. They provide new video service concepts that embrace the SNS age. AHIKU is a technology-driven, venture company whose live video recording and broadcasting core technology is currently utilized by Korea Telecom serving over 200,000 smartphone users in South Korea, one of largest global smartphone markets. Besides its main live broadcasting service for end-users in Korea, AHIKU provides many subsidiary services, such as a broadcasting platform in English, a Twitter-integrated social platform, an e-learning platform, and an interactive advertising service. For more information contact the team here and click here for a demonstration of the service.

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