Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Will Set New Paradigm With Flexible, Unbreakable OLED Panels
2013 3월 27

The rumor has it that the Galaxy Note 3 will come with an OLED (rumored to be 'unbreakable' and resistant to drop shocks) HD screens. It is still under development, but it is speculated that the display will be made of plastic that is flexible and capable of absorbing energy from impacts. This means that cracks will be prevented and that the screen will be thinner and lighter than glass ones.

Galaxy Note 3 will have a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. The screen size will be somewhere around 5~6 inches.

Samsung will not begin the mass production until October 2013. It will be unveiled in September at IFA Berlin, consistent with the tradition of revealing Galaxy Notes in September then producing it. (Galaxy Note was released in October 2011, and Galaxy Note 2 was released in September 2012.)

This means that Samsung will set a new paradigm between smartphone manufacturers. The trend up until now has been the size of smartphones, pixels, AP ability and so on. We believe that from now on, there will be a certain change or shift in dynamics as smartphone manufacturers will focus on the efficiency (as opposed to focusing on developing the 'specifics' of a phone).

On the other hand, LG Electronics have been preparing a smartphone release with the plastic OLED screens also. They are currently planning to incorporate it in their Optimus G2 but have not confirmed this yet.

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