Korean Accelerator SparkLabs Recent Batch Graduates, Here’s Four of The Best
4월 10, 2014

Review of The Best of Sparklabs Session 3 Startups, from beSUCCESS Writer Christine Bernard

1Day1Song is a Korean music discovery app.

For a full day, the app will play a song from its artist of the day and will then display an exclusive background information provided by the performer.

They have already launched on iOS with 64,000 users, and will launch on Android this summer. The app will also be launched in Taiwan and China.


Breaking into the music industry and being profitable is difficult to do and it's incredibly hard to get distribution. This app is a pretty great solution especially in the paying asian fan market. It will be create to see what other features it adds to its services.

Pentapress provides professional quality photos for international media outlets.

This startup currently has 40 photographers based around the world

The cool part is that in June it will launch "Incupix". This new service will let amateur photographers share photos and potentially get them picked up by newspapers and other publications. "Pentapress" will also provide mentoring and editing services for amateur photographers.

Breaking into the main stream photo business it hard for amateurs. The new app will create a great new opportunity. "Incupix" will be the cultivator for fresh new talent.

Flow State Media is a cross-platform mobile social gaming studio. They will be launching this summer is their new game “Bingo Cube” which features a cube shaped spinning bingo board. Their current line up includes a live multi-player crossword game “Letter UP" and “Candy Cane Casino" which it plays to make into a top casual gaming studio. A game studio that started creating games for Facebook but is moving to mobile. They are also introducing a new game "BingoCube". They have spent zero dollars on marketing because they have more revenue and users than other similar games.
flow state is obviously an innovative game company. And will make cool games in the future. But i'm not that excited about it. As a VC id be excited because they can make me a lot of money but as a computer geek. I'm inclined to go 'eh'.

Well, everyone starts a game company. At first look, this start-up seems a bit boring.However, the team of talent this company has assembled could soon make it synonymous with other big mobile gaming companies. It's not a new software or idea but it could grow into a pretty decent company.

Domobio is a medical tech start-up which created a customizable product entitled QT33. QT33 is a non-surgical treatment for snoring and sleep apnea.

Basically, it is a less invasive, cheaper alternative to surgery and NCPAP (nasal continuous positive airway pressure) machines. It stabilizes the lower jaw and secures airflow through the user’s teeth.

Well, I'm not sure how many people will buy this but it's exciting to see a medical tech start-up amist Korean large Medical economy. Korea will soon be a world hub for cheap, quality plastic surgery and medical treatment. More Korean companies so take a risk and get into the next booming market.

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