These 5 Korean Startups Are Increasing Workplace Efficiency
1월 20, 2016

Are sticky notes and post-its not cutting it anymore to organise your schedule? Are you interested to explore workplace management and timekeeping beyond Slack, Trello and Evernote?

Korean workers are widely recognised as among the most hard working in the world. With office lights regularly going out in the small hours due to the pressures of hitting tough deadlines, it’s no wonder that Korean startups have been active in developing technology solutions to improve workplace efficiency.

Here’s our pick of some of the most interesting new workplace tech solutions coming out of Korea in 2016. These services could just save a few vital minutes every day or make organising your busy schedule that bit easier. If you’re a fan of streamlining your work and want to test how tech can save you time, give these a look.


GoTouch by Anyractive


Anyractive, makers of GoTouch, use Augmented Reality to enhance interaction and communication for presentations, brainstorming sessions and education. These activities require a whiteboard to explain and list ideas or concepts and as such as TVs, monitors or projectors do not offer the flexibility to collaborate.

Enter GoTouch, which turns any display screen into a touchscreen. It uses a small camera sensor that scans these surfaces and converts them into a touchscreen. After connecting GoTouch, users can write or draw on the screen using a GoTouch Pen. Its real-time visual responsiveness makes it ideal for working collaboratively, marking up documents with a group, or presenting interactively.

With a specialism in Augmented and Virtual Reality, Anyractive aim to bring easy 'whiteboard brainstorming' to every surface and software platform.


Kono by Konolabs Inc.


Konolabs Inc have harnessed machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to reinvent the humble scheduler. The company aims to save busy professionals time arranging meetings, ensure scheduled meetings are not missed and even provide meeting updates to participants in real time. Their flagship service, ‘Kono' provides three essential benefits: Personal Scheduler (iOS/Android apps), Smart Reminder, and Fast Learner.

Konolabs Inc., a global pioneer in utilizing contextual data on mobile devices, historic event information on calendar apps and social media data to ensure that scheduling is optimized. Kono is currently available for free download in South Korea, Japan and US, on both Google Play and the App Store. The company has patents pending in Korea, PCT, and US related to the automation of scheduling, notifications, and recommendation algorithms.

Konolabs Inc CEO, YJ Min previously led several hit consumer web/mobile product development projects at Daum, one of korea’s leading internet portals and CTO Mincheol Song has led major technology projects at leading ICT companies, both as a programmer & systems architect.


NOD CoCo by NOD Bizware Co. Ltd.


NOD Bizware Co. Ltd. designs software applications for formal content storage and collaboration in businesses. Their primary product, NOD CoCo, is a cloud-based secure content collaboration product which features three key functions including secure chat, storage, and member contacts.

Beyond function, NOD CoCo provides a number of security-enhanced features, ideal for many business applications. User ID and data can be managed securely with functionalities like built-in protection of data privacy and prevention of data leakage.

While collaborative applications are available elsewhere in the market, many fall short in security, functionality, or both. NOD CoCo provides a full solution which reduces both cost of services and complexity of implementation and management.

NOD CoCo is available in both the Google Play Store and App Store and the software is available for download at


Send Anywhere by Estmob Inc.



Send Anywhere is a file and platform agnostic file sharing service that makes the tedious job of large data transfer in real-time across multiple devices easy, without using cloud storage, e-mail, or USB devices.

With Send Anywhere you can share docs, PDFs, APKs, etc., by finding the optimal transfer path between devices through peer-to-peer or an optimal relay server in the given network conditions. Users rely on this service for large data transfer, which gets around the issues faced when using traditional methods (limited storage capacity on USB drives, e-mails not being able accommodate large data files, cloud-based storage requiring multiple downloads, etc).

Send Anywhere is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows phones and PC, Linux, as well as Samsung multi-function printers. The service can also plug into other applications that lack strong file sharing capabilities and helps simplify the file sharing process.

If you are interested in trying Send Anywhere, you can download the app from the Google Play store or App Store, Microsoft app store, Amazon, Chrome extension store, and can be used as a plugin for WordPress.


June by Day2LIfe Inc.


JUNE is a mobile calendar and planner. With simplicity as a core aim actions on June require 2.5 times less touches than conventional calendar app. JUNE provides a full range of planner functions, including event planning, to-dos, memos and alarms. It also features widgets like calendar, schedule, and a note application which can be embedded on your mobile home screen for quick access.

JUNE also connects with other calendar applications such as Google Calendar and syncs contacts, birthdays, and anniversaries from apps like Facebook. Unlike conventional back and forth navigating, JUNE features a structure-based drag-and-drop technology which allows users to manage their time easily without the hassle of multiple page transitions.

JUNE automatically expands to display all of your upcoming events on one screen which can also be personalised. JUNE is best suited for college students, freelancers, salesmen, and employees working outdoors who look for proactive time management from their smartphone calendar application.

JUNE can be downloaded from the Apple appstore and Google Play Store.


Beecanvas by JOKERPACK Inc.


Beecanvas has developed an online collaboration tool that aims at 0% miscommunication by providing visual communication options, chat and real-time document management tools, all on the same ‘canvas’.

Traditional collaboration tools like post-its and whiteboards make it hard to manage and store data as documents accumulate. Not to mention that these solutions are offline so syndication with dispersed teams is difficult and tedious at best.

To counter the issues with existing options, Beecanvas provides an in-service whiteboard for important messages that can be shared with multiple users. It also features real-time reports on moved or edited files, including images, text documents, youtube videos, and web links. This makes it easier to manage different versions of any type of digital file.

Beecanvas is available on the Google Play Store and App Store and claims to be the perfect tool for small business owners who use web based collaboration tools.

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