WeFit – For A Fitter Tomorrow
2019년 02월 11일

Owing to the rising popularity of fitness-based recreational activities, the market has reached a near saturation point making it overwhelmingly difficult for one to choose their ideal place for their routine fitness sessions. This very need for an organized view of the available fitness partners around a locality gave rise to WeFit – an application that organizes and presents the user with data about nearby recreational activity grounds and allowing them to…

Food-Tech Delivery Platform By Woowa Brothers
2019년 01월 24일

In today’s world, every sector has become technology-driven and most companies are using the ‘online platform’ to stay in the competition. The food sector is no different; the on-demand food delivery apps are now prowling the market and are making their way up. Ordering food from your couch has become a norm and it is just a matter of time before every restaurant succumbs to selling on the food delivery platform. Woowa…

Innovative Technology Solutions by BBP to Make Buildings Energy Efficient
2019년 01월 14일

Buildings are the iconic landmarks for any city. However, what is often overlooked is to find ways to improve the energy efficiency of these buildings that can help in alleviating many challenges that cities face from public health problems to climate change. Buildings have always been huge and long-lasting investments and efficient buildings provide better financial and social returns. Adopting modern energy saving solutions is imperative for both industrial and commercial buildings….

Travel Around The World With Traveloka
2019년 01월 14일

With metasearch engines and aggregating data from all over the web into one platform have made online travel companies a success across the globe. The travelers can easily access and compare offers allowing them to get the best value for their money. Thanks to incredible technological advancements, travelers can check the real-time availability and book their tours or activity that fits into their itinerary. With so much competition around, there is a…

A Growing Chinese Pharmacy Platform – Yaoshibang
2019년 01월 10일

Technology has made access to prescription medication easy. One has to do just a click and the prescription medicines are delivered free of cost to your doorstep. The main purpose of online pharmacies has been to provide access to affordable medication to the consumer accompanied by a guarantee of safety and security. Across the globe, China is the second largest pharmaceutical market after the US. Yaoshibang, a Chinese online pharmacy platform, provides…

AI for Businesses- The Robust Abeja Platform
2019년 01월 08일

In this digital world, data plays an important role in structuring business strategies. Big Data creates huge opportunities for AI and its subset ML. Nowadays, AI solutions have widespread commercial use in many industries, and there is no doubt that they will have even more applications in the near future. Abeja, a Tokyo-based company offers solutions for retail stores to improve traffic or customer path based on machine learning technologies and image…

Training Your Mind with Pacoware’s Puzzle Art
2019년 01월 07일

Puzzles have always been a great learning tool for children in their developing years. From simple knob puzzles to cutouts that fit into the corresponding blocks or jigsaw puzzles, all have been there. The puzzle games help in building three basic skills; physical, cognitive and emotional. These skills form the building blocks for the well-rounded personality of a child. According to neuroplasticity theories, brains constantly adapt and evolve to stimuli in our…

IOT Radar Technology By Bitsensing Inc Brings In The New Era For Safety
2019년 01월 05일

Technology has crept into nearly every aspect of our lives. Whether it is the GPS that runs on your smartphone to devices that make your home a smart home, everything is the part of the largest IT revolution called the Internet of Things. IOT is an ecosystem of devices connected to the internet. With sensors embedded in the IOT radar devices, it can send/receive data and communicate with various other devices via…

1.5 million people died due to impure water last year – The Wave Talk Making A Difference
2018년 12월 22일

In today’s world, one of the biggest cause of fatalities are bacteria and toxic chemicals at the nano-particle level which usually are present in nearly everything that we either consume or produce whether it be sterilized solutions in drug manufacturing or food and beverage packaging. The number of fatalities per year are estimated at about 1.5 million. So to combat this, a startup has come up with a goal to save the…