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3 Reasons Why Seoul is A Mobile Entrepreneur’s Paradise
2016년 02월 28일

Editor’s note: Originally written by Mike Kim, Senior Director Corporate Development at Baedal Minjok Facebook. YouTube. Skype. Hard to believe all 3 iconic companies actually got there start in Korea right? While these Silicon Valley heavyweights have roots in the Bay Area, the origin of their concepts actually hatched on the tiny peninsula of Korea first. Years before Facebook there was Cyworld. Before YouTube, Pandora TV – And long before Skype, a company called Dialpad was…

Channel Breeze’s ‘Zig Bang’ Raises $18 Million USD from Previous Investors
2015년 02월 10일

  Channel Breeze(CEO Sung Woo Ahn) revealed the company’s main service ‘Zig Bang’, a rent searching app, raised $18 Million USD as investment. Zig Bang became the second Korean start-up that raises a grand scale investment over $18 Million USD (20 billion won) since Baedal Minjok. In advance of this multi-million investment, Channel Breeze has recieved investment last year which amounts up to $8.21 million USD from seven venture capitals in and…

Baedal Minjok Breaks 5 Million Monthly Order Mark
2015년 01월 07일

On last month, Woowa Bros. (CEO Bong-jin Kim)’s delivery app ‘Baedal Minjok’ reached their best record as they surpassed 5 million monthly orders. On December 2014, the report shows 5.2 million delivery counts, a 20% increase from November’s 4.3 million. The estimated total transaction fee is approximately 95 billion won. 2014’s annual delivery broke 40 million mark as well indicating a 230% increase compared to 2013.  Statistic Korea report shows that there…