Business in Korea
A Prescription for Pantech
2014년 03월 25일

  Pantech is saved from bankruptcy again and is instituting the second debt workout plan in the past 8 years. Pantech is the #3 Korean mobile phone manufacturer. The loss of Pantech in the Korean market would have been a loss in critical competition. What it needs? It needs creativity and innovation and a better financial manager. As a current Pantech phone user, it is actually a good quality phone. The problem…

7 Websites To Know When Wanting To Do Business In Korea
  ·  2013년 04월 12일

Here is a list of great websites you should know about when you want to do business in Korea:             KOTRA (Korea Trade Association).             KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency).             KOVA (Korea Venture Business Association).             Invest Korea.             The Korean Law…