Seoulites Who Crave Foreign Food Can Now Have it Delivered Thanks To YNot-Takeout
2014년 09월 25일

We have covered the blossoming food delivery market in Korea quite extensively on beTECH and while the market is firmly dominated by leaders Yogiyo and Baedal-Minjeok, there’s a new kid on the block, serving the growing apetite in Korea for foreign cuisine. YNot-Takeout has been around for a few months and I caught up with CEO Phil Neiland for an update. Get involved in YNot-Takeout by supporting their indiegogo campaign here. Ynot-Takeout.com…

Foreign-Owned NYK Media Group Helps Korean Startups and SMEs Communicate Effectively in English
2014년 07월 17일

“Touch Your Customers… Appropriately” Does the English in the above picture seem awkward to you? Let’s take a moment to look at it. There are no misspellings. The grammar is correct. But there is something definitely strange about telling a potential customer that your company “can touch anywhere”. Touch what exactly, and for what purpose? I guess we will have to use our imagination, but in this case first impressions will certainly…

SMATOOS Releases A New Tool to Help English Language Learners Sound More Natural
2014년 06월 20일

[metaslider id=”17793″] After the successful releases of BeNative apps in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, SMATOOS is expanding its service with Speak Real English, an “English to English” learning application that helps English language learners practice through video lessons. With this app, SMATOOS hopes to provide an alternative to stuffy textbook learning and offer support to help users cultivate practical and natural-sounding English skills. “Speak Real English” features video content of real native English speakers filmed around…

#beGLOBAL – “Do You Speak English? – Part 2”
2012년 09월 21일

열심히 영어 공부를 하던지, 아니면 영어를 제대로 하는 사람들의 도움을 받자. 이도 저도 못하겠다면 글로벌 진출은 나중에 하도록 하자.

#beGLOBAL – “Do You Speak English? – Part 1”
2012년 09월 20일

최근 몇 년 사이 한국의 창업가들과 스타트업들은 눈부신 발전을 해왔다. 하지만 5년 전이나 지금이나 전혀 변한 게 없다면 창업팀의 영어실력이다. 글로벌 시장을 대상으로 창업했다고 하는 창업가가 자신의 비즈니스를 글로벌 시장을 상대로 설명하지 못하는 것만큼 한심해 보이는 것도 없다.