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레이더 기술 스타트업 ‘비트센싱’ LB인베스트먼트, 만도 등으로부터 70억 원 투자 유치
2020년 06월 08일

완전 자율주행을 위한 레이더 기술 스타트업 비트센싱(bitsensing, 대표 이재은)이 70억 규모의 프리 시리즈 A (Pre-Series A) 라운드 투자를 유치했다.비트센싱은 2018년 이재은 대표와 만도 초기 레이더 개발팀이 모여 함께 설립한 자율주행 분야 스타트업으로 자체 레이더 기술과 카메라를 융합하여 외부 환경에 전혀 영향을 받지 않는 고해상도 4차원 이미징 레이더 AIR 4D를 개발한다.뿐만 아니라 스마트 시티 구현을 위한 카메라 일체형 트래픽 레이더 AIR Traffic을 출시해 1월 CES 2020에서 혁신상을 받는 등 미래 모빌리티, 스마트 시티 등에 적용할 레이더 센서 기술을 개발하는 테크놀로지 기업이다.

This Korean Startup Allows Developers To Add Voice, Video, & Chat To Web/Mobile Apps With A Few Lines Of Code
2014년 12월 18일

‘Appspand’ is an advanced communication service, allowing voice, video, and chat to be added to any web/mobile app, with a few lines of additional code. Uberple was founded in Jan 2013 with the vision of dramatically improving communication within the financial services industry. This need was borne out the founder’s experience of crude tools available for communication both internally and with clients. While their scope has been broadened to embrace opportunities in…

Korean Tech Startups and SMEs Lost USD$5.6 Billion in Unprotected IP Between 2011 & 2013
2014년 12월 10일

According to the Korea Small Business Institute, small and medium enterprises running their own research institutes suffered from a technology outflow worth $5.6 billion between 2011 and 2013. The amount was equivalent to 58% of their R&D expenditures for the same period. The sales decrement caused by the tech leak was $2.27 million on average, or around 20% of annual sales. However, despite knowledge of the problem, most companies have not make…

One Of Korea’s Top Accelerators – Future Play
  ·  2014년 11월 28일

“We are trying to come up with a realistic solution to help startups to relocate overseas. We are going to completely reimagine what people have done so far. We are going to determine what startups truly need.”                                                                                                                           Steven Baek, FuturePlay Founded in early 2014, FuturePlay focuses on funding early-stage tech startups. The company believes that in order to understand the market properly and have a solid basis, a…

Korean Startups Are Hot This Year. Here’s a Look at The Top Accelerators Powering Their Success
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Seoul, with its rapidly growing startup ecosystem, is gaining precedence as one of the most promising entrepreneurial hubs in the world. Home to two of the most influential global tech leaders, Samsung and LG, the perception of Seoul has traditionally been of a corporate hub. This is now rapidly changing, as a new breed of tech startups rise and as the big boys begin to plateau. South Korea is now rapidly moving…

Meet Eight Accelerators in Seoul That Aim To Change The Fortunes of Startups in Korea and Beyond
2014년 07월 05일

The Korean startup ecosystem has been exploding over the last couple of years. As more interesting startups begin to emerge, so the support services to power their success also become more diverse and more mature. There are a number of key accelerator programs in Seoul now, that offer a range of services and finance for early stage Korean companies. Interestingly there is also now a distinct push towards helping Korean startups connect…