A Great Year For The Korean Contents Industry, Turning Deficit To Profit
2013년 12월 27일

Korea’s contents industry exports, centering on gaming, is forecast to exceed $5 billion for the first time, an increase of over 10.% on last year. Sales in the sector are also expected to increase by 4.9% from last year, to KRW 90 trillion. The gaming industry will fuel this growth, with figures up 9.9% on last year and is likely to account for 60% of total contents industry exports from Korea in…

Angry Birds To Cosy-Up With KakaoTalk As The Korean Platform Opens To Foreign Games
2013년 09월 24일

Kakao Talk remains the premiere platform to access the exceptionally lucrative Korean gaming market, with examples such as the wildly popular `Angry Birds’ (coming soon) and `Candy Crush Saga’ (already available) among many other titles on the platform. KakaoTalk has emerged as the key channel for overseas game companies’ in Korea. Preparations are well under way for the release of Angry Birds in Q3 2013. It has also been rumored that EA…

[Part II] On KakaoTalk Policy Changes – how will it affect the Korean mobile industry?
  ·  2013년 01월 17일

Kakao’s effort to lessen the effect of these ‘spam’ invites should be welcomed by mobile game developers. Users’ experiences with games naturally lead to an understanding and ‘feel’ of the platform that provides it. If Kakao wants to expand further, they will need to optimize their user experience as much as they can.

Korea 2012: an Overview of Trends
  ·  2012년 12월 28일

With ‘Gangnam Style’ ranked #1 search term across 5+ countries (you might be surprised to find your country name in there!), Korea continues to amaze the world. beSUCCESS investigates and analyzed the hottest trends in Korea, 2012.