Another Korean Bitcoin Startup, CoinPlug, Raises $400k from US Investors
2014년 02월 01일

Korean startup Coinplug has closed an investment round paid partly in bitcoin. This news comes shortly after another Korean Bitcoin startup, Korbit, also raises $400k from a dream team of Silicon Valley investors, as reported by beSUCCESS here. Coinplug raised $400,000 from Cupertino-based fund SilverBlue, with half the amount raised in bitcoin and the rest in fiat currency. The startup plans to launch a digital currency exchange, wallet and merchant platform in Korea in mid-December….

With $1.5 Million Investment, Korean Startup Smile Mom Launches Mobile Community For Moms
2014년 01월 27일

Originally posted on TechCrunch Moms feeling guilty about baby-spamming Facebook with their child’s photos and their every precious moment now have a more private alternative for those updates, thanks to a new mobile social network called Smile Mom. The app, which is designed to connect moms with others nearby, has already grown to 14,000 users during its beta testing phase. The founders behind the new app are formerly of Paprika Lab, a…

Korean Bitcoin Startup Korbit Gets $400k in Funding from Dream Team of Silicon Valley Investors
2014년 01월 20일

It has never happened before that a Korean startup has been able to secure early stage funding ($400k in this case) from such a high profile Silicon Valley investor line-up. The news that Korbit has achieved this momentous step heralds the start of a year that has already been billed as having the best potential ever, for Korean startups. While the value of the investment may seem small by Silicon Valley standards,…

Learn About Silicon Valley VC’s Investing in Korea/Asia At beGLOBAL, Sep 13 Palo Alto
2013년 08월 26일

  Who better to discuss current & future investment opportunities in Asia than three venture capitalists based in The US, with Korean roots? Eric Kim, Tae HeaNahm and Han Kim all have extensive knowledge about investing in Asia/Korea and have many success stories resulting from their combined portfolios in the region. They will be sharing their insights on a panel discussion at beGLOBAL. Tae HeaNahm is a founding general partner of Storm…

Malang Studio Clinches Second Place At Mobile App Competition In China
2013년 08월 26일

One of the leading app developers in Korea, Malang Studio, won second place at the 2013 National Mobile Application Competition held August 24-25 in Beijing, China. Malang Studio was the only non-Chinese finalist and winner at the event, which was open mainly to local Chinese app developers. Last month we wrote about Malang Studio, creators of the popular alarm app, AlarmMon, and it’s heavy focus on gamification, something that seems to be…

Robotic Pet Care From Korean Startup SinglePet Could Break New Ground For Pet Owners
2013년 08월 16일

Stuck at work doing overtime, and not able to get home to feed your pet? No need to worry, just pick up your smartphone and at the press of a button you’re able to dispense food from SinglePet’s hardware at home. The service even allows pets and their owners to interact through a live video stream direct to a mobile handset, whenever and wherever they are so that you easily can check…

스타트업이 투자를 받은 뒤 3개월 내로 해야 하는 일, 10가지
  ·  2013년 07월 29일

Ascent Ventures Partners에서 십여 년간 클라우드 비즈니스를 전문적으로 분석하고 투자를 담당해온 Matt Fates가 전하는 이야기 축하한다. 당신은 방금 당신의 스타트업의 신선한 자금줄이 되어 줄 투자자로부터 투자받는 데 성공했다. 하지만 당신은 그럴 만한 준비가 되어있는가?새롭게 들어온 자금을 어디에 써야 할지, 팀원들과 어디에 집중해서 회사를 이끌고 가야 하는지에 대해서 투자받은 CEO가 이미 더 잘 알고 있을 것이다.그런 것들을 모두 제외하고, 투자받은 직후 3개월 내로 스타트업이 해야 할 10가지 일을 알려드리고자 한다.    1. 자축하라 호화롭지 않게…

K-Cube Ventures: VC Fund by Kakao Founder Brian Kim and Veteran Investor Jimmy Rim
2013년 07월 10일

Founded in March, 2012, K-Cube Ventures made a big first step by investing in 6 startups within 4 months of its start. What do we need for a growing the Korean startup ecosystem? “This question, which we asked ourselves, created ‘K-Cube Ventures’. There were not many opportunities for the early stage companies in Korea. They needed ‘Money’ and ‘Practical experiences’ from other entrepreneurs who went through same difficulties. That’s how K-Cube Ventures…

Bon Angels Early Stage VC & Veteran Pacemaker
2013년 06월 13일

Bon Angels Early Stage VC & Veteran Pacemaker There is a visionary behind such rapid growth of Korean Startups.  Bon Angles Venture Partners, as a first ever investment company specialized in startups established in 2010, has been engaged in partnering with early stage IT companies and made a great success. What makes Bon Agels different from other investment companies, not to mention about their specialties, is a communication even before the company’s…

Korea’s Startup Scene Still Growing Fast
  ·  2013년 06월 05일

Korea is still seeing some immense growth. According to the Korean Venture Capital Association, venture capital firms in Korea raised $191 million in the first quarter this year, up slightly from $189  million in 2012. Interestingly, there is a general slowdown in the U.S. startup scene – U.S. venture capital firms raised $4.1 billion from 35 funds during the first quarter of this year according to the National Venture Capital Association (this is about a 34%…

Samsung Invests $47.6mil In Pantech? There’s More To It Than You Think…
  ·  2013년 05월 23일

We wrote earlier in the year that Samsung and Pantech will compete in the smartphone and tablet marketplaces in 2013. The decision comes as a surprise and may raise some eyebrows among analysts and investors who say that Pantech doesn’t have much to offer Samsung in terms of technology or software capabilities: it was confirmed today that Samsung invested in $47.6 million in Pantech, the third largest mobile device manufacturer in South…

모바일이여, 소비자의 사생활을 보호하라
  ·  2013년 04월 25일

원문: A wakeup call for the app economy — mobile consumers want privacy 이 글은 앤드류 버드(Andrew Bud)의 기고문입니다. 그 동안 사용자 정보는 모바일 앱 산업의 커다란 성장 동력으로 자리매김해왔다. 사용자들은 어느새 디지털 콘텐츠를 구매하는 대신, 자신의 이름이나 이메일 주소, 브라우저 선호도, 위치정보 같은 개인 정보를 교환하는 경우가 많아지고 있다. 비즈니스 모델 자체는 전혀 문제될 것이 없지만, 이 모델이 장기적으로 유지되기 위해서는 이와 같은 가치 교환의 투명성을 보장할 수 있는 모든 이해관계자의…

Korea Composite Stock Price Index Surges, Foreign Direct Investment Reaches $3.39 Billion – a 45% Increase From 2012
  ·  2013년 04월 12일

The Korea Composite Stock Price Index has also been surging over the past three days as of Thursday morning, moving up 5.80 points to 1941.38. Also, other indexes have shown South Korea is and remains as an attractive business destination, with foreign direct investment reaching $3.39 billion in 2013 Q1. This is a whopping 45% increase from 2012. The president explained her “creative economy” mantra will also apply to foreign businesses who she…

중국인 필수 어플! 두 가지 핵심 키워드는 바로 ‘이것’
2013년 03월 27일

현재 중국에서 어떤 분야가 뜨고 사람들에게 새롭게 조명 받고 있는지에 대한 ‘트렌드’를 알려면 현대사회를 살아가는 사람들과 뗄레야 뗄 수 없는 관계에 놓인 어플리케이션에 집중해야 한다. 13억 인구의 중국, 세계 최대 스마트폰 소비국으로 떠오르는 중국이라는 겉만 보고 중국 시장에 무작정 발을 들여 놓는다면 ‘차이나 드림’의 꿈은 조각조각 날 것이다. 그렇다면 현재 중국 어플리케이션 시장에서 사람들의 관심을 한몸에 받는 분야는 어디일까?

모바일 (여전히 모두를 위한) 기회인가?
  ·  2013년 03월 21일

기본적으로 창업이라는 것이 ‘Impact를 남기고 싶다’는 동기에서 시작하는 경우가 대부분이기에 필자를 비롯한 거의 모든 창업가들이‘나이스(Nice) 한 것’에 집착하는 경향이 있다. 그러나 이제는 모바일에서도‘창업가(Founder)’가 아니라 ‘기업가(Entrepreneur)’가 되어야 함이 분명하다.

모바일 검색 광고는 어떻게 변하고 있는가?
2013년 03월 15일

미국 샌프란시스코에 본사를 두고 있는 디지털 광고 플랫폼 운영기업 ‘Marin Software’에서 얼마전 공개한 2013년판 모바일 검색 광고 글로벌 보고서를 살펴보았다. 한국 시장과 관련된 보고서는 아니지만, 최근의 서비스 환경이 주로 ‘플랫폼’이라는 세글자로 요약되는 상황에서 결국 다시 검색의 중요성이 높아질 것으로 생각되어, 해당 보고서를 통해 작년 한 해 동안 모바일 검색과 관련된 시장 흐름을 간략히 체크해 보고자 한다.

Samsung Invests In OpenX, Creator Of Private Mobile Exchange Platform
  ·  2013년 02월 04일

Recently, Samsung Venture Investment led a Series E investment round totaling US$ 22.5 million with a software provider, Open X Software Ltd, the creator of Samsung’s private mobile exchange platform. The investment aimed to enable ‘the global expansion of the company’, especially into mobile, as it competes with rivals such as search giant Google.

K-Cube Ventures Invest 500M In Game Developer ‘Dryad’
2013년 01월 30일

Jimmy Lim (CEO of K-Cube Ventures) and Bum-Su Kim (Chairman of Kakao Talk) have invested 500M KRW in a new mobile gaming startup, Dryad January 31 2013. Dryad have not yet got round to setting up a website, such is the speed of their ascent.

VCNC Raises 3 billion KRW (Approx. 3 million USD) Investment
  ·  2013년 01월 23일

The creator of “Between”, VCNC (CEO: Jaewook Park) recently received a whopping 3 billion KRW (approx. 3 million USD) investment from four investors.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: Qualcomm’s Investment In Pantech (But What Is It Anyway?)
  ·  2013년 01월 23일

Qualcomm will be investing $23 million in Pantech, the company ranked 3rd in the mobile industry in South Korea. Who is Pantech? Will there be a shift in dynamics? Will there be significant changes made in the industry? Why is Kanye West relevant in all this? beSUCCESS answers these questions.