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Daumkakao Buys Smart Alarm Note Startup ‘Kids Note’
2015년 01월 06일

Daumkakao announced the announcement for their buyout of ‘Kids Note’, a smart alarm notification service for daycare services. Daumkakao now owns 100% of the share and Kids Note became the subsidiary company. Kids Note is a service that allows kindergarten or daycare teachers to post children’s daily schedule, diet, pictures, and other announcements with PC and other smart devices for the parents to have live-time access. About 30% or 14,000 kindergartens, daycares,…

Introduction to Top 100 Korean Tech Startups You Should Know: Part 5
2014년 04월 04일

Finally, we’re back after some pause! It seems like we have some great lineup of startups for our list today. Some of the tech companies mentioned here are really hot in the Korean startup scene at the moment. I was personally impressed by these companies while writing the piece, and I’m sure you want to know them if you’re interested in Korean startups as well. If this is your first time reading…

케이큐브벤처스, 어린이집 커뮤니케이션 서비스 ‘키즈노트’에 3억원 투자
2012년 07월 10일

지난 beLAUNCH2012 스타트업 배틀 TOP20 키즈노트가 케이큐브벤처스로부터 3억원의 투자를 유치했다.