These 5 Korean Startups Are Increasing Workplace Efficiency
2016년 01월 20일

Are sticky notes and post-its not cutting it anymore to organise your schedule? Are you interested to explore workplace management and timekeeping beyond Slack, Trello and Evernote? Korean workers are widely recognised as among the most hard working in the world. With office lights regularly going out in the small hours due to the pressures of hitting tough deadlines, it’s no wonder that Korean startups have been active in developing technology solutions…

Kono Labs releases artificial intelligence scheduler ‘Kono’
2015년 09월 28일

Kono Labs the developer of an artificial intelligence scheduling service, released their native iOS app Kono for both Apple and Android in USA and Korea. Kono works with calendars inbuilt into smartphones like Google Calendar and simplifies the task of scheduling appointments. By selecting the type of meeting and with whom, the app provides available time slot and locations and send the invitation through mobile phishing in place of email and text message….