Korean technology
Meet These Korean Startups Pursuing Opportunity In China
2014년 10월 22일

During my time working with Korean startups there has been an almost universal fear of the dangers of entry to the Chinese market. But as Korean founders become more globally minded, and more confident in themselves, fear is being replaced with confidence and success stories are beginning to emerge. In addition, Chinese-Korean relations have never been better, and I expect that in the years to come great opportunities for cross-border opportunity will…

A Prescription for Pantech
2014년 03월 25일

  Pantech is saved from bankruptcy again and is instituting the second debt workout plan in the past 8 years. Pantech is the #3 Korean mobile phone manufacturer. The loss of Pantech in the Korean market would have been a loss in critical competition. What it needs? It needs creativity and innovation and a better financial manager. As a current Pantech phone user, it is actually a good quality phone. The problem…