Korean In-Car Navigation Startup Launches Augmented Reality Driving System
2014년 12월 29일

A leader in navigation solutions from Korea, Thinkware, has developed a new product with imbedded augmented reality technology. The new iNavi X1 model allows the driver to view the actual image of the road on which they are driving and see a range of useful traffic information. The company in Seoul unveiled the “iNavi X1” that combines augmented reality with advanced driving assistance system (ADAS). The AR solution called “Extreme AR” within…

Korean Navigation Company, KimGisa, Plans Stage 1 in Asia location-based Marketing Takeover
2014년 07월 11일

Imagine if department stores in busy urban shopping districts could lock-in customers travelling into the area, before they even arrived. Kimgisa, a navigation app developed by Korean startup locNall aims to be the No. 1 player in the navigation and location-based marketing industry in Asia and make that marketing dream a reality. The team has already started working with large clients like Incheon International Airport to deliver targeted marketing to airport visitors…

One Navigation Industry, Two Different Paths
2014년 02월 07일

All navigation manufacturers are facing an increasingly challenging market. While Apple and Google offer built-in or free software in the US, Korean Telecom companies offer even more state-of-the-art navigation software, informing drivers of speed limit zones and locations of traffic enforcement cameras. Despite the similar kind of market pressure in the face of evolving smartphone apps, the navigation manufacturers in the two markets seem to be moving in opposite directions. While American…