New Tech
Groundbreaking Device-Device Technology From Korea, The Days Of NFC Are Numbered
2014년 02월 04일

Korean researchers have developed a next-generation mobile communication technology that enables devices to directly communicate, long range, without going through a base station. The solution allows direct communication between LTE devices, a world first, and was successfully demonstrated it in the company’s mobile communication lab. ETRI’s technology was highlighted by the international standardization organization, 3GPP, as a stand out new-tech innovation last year and was praised for having a wider communication range…

President Park Urges CEOs to Innovate, Pushing Korean Tech to Next Level
2014년 01월 16일

President Park Geun-hye urged scientists and information-communication technology (ICT) experts Friday to work harder to develop new technologies and innovate, saying South Korea can’t afford any stalling in such efforts in a fast-moving global economy. “New technologies and industries are now moving forward at a dazzling pace in many parts of the world,” Park said in a speech at a New Year’s meeting with leaders of the science-technology and ICT sectors. “We…

Startups Developing New Products Face Huge Opportunity in 2014
2014년 01월 16일

Proof that there is a huge opportunity for tech startups breaking new ground is confirmed. The size of the market for new trend-setting devices such as 3D printers and Ultra HD (UHD) TVs is expected to double in 2014. This presents new opportunities in the saturated global electronics market. The market size for newcomers in the industry, such as wearable devices and Bluetooth speakers, is expected to grow 107 percent this year…