Wemakeprice lands $85M investment with NXC / Nexon
2015년 08월 17일

  On August 17th, Wemakeprice a company dealing with social commerce, announced it had raised a total of $85M following the third release of its shares through NXC. Through this investment, Wemakeprice plans to seek the necessary talent and improve its systems in order to accelerate and improve the shopping experience for its customers and partners. NXC specializes in online and mobile games production as well as distribution through its subsidiary Nexon. Kim…

Meet The Ten Billion Dollar Companies That Make Up The Korean Unicorn Club
2014년 09월 27일

Last December, Aileen Lee from Cowboy Ventures, identified 39 software startups that have reached valuations of over $1 Billion, and grouped them under the moniker of The Unicorn Club, in her landmark TechCrunch post. Since then, software startups with valuations of over $1 Billion are being commonly called “Unicorns” in Silicon Valley and worldwide. On the conclusion of a second very successful beGLOBAL 2014, where ten Korean startups featured in Silicon Valley, we…