Birdview Raises $600k from CyberAgent Ventures and Bon Angels To Bring You Even More Korean Beauty Information
2014년 11월 26일

Birdview (HwaHae in Korean), a cosmetics and beauty focused startup in Seoul recently announced that they have around $600k from Bon Angels Venture Partners of Korea and Cyber Agent Ventures of Japan. Birdview was founded by three High school alumni, Woong Lee (CEO), Yong-jin Kim (CPO), and Woo-hyun Chang (CMO) during their college years. The company has developed a mobile app ‘Hwa-Hae’ (meaning reconciliation in Korean) which provides cosmetic brand information, precisely analyzes…

ENOMAD, The Hydro-Power Techies From Seoul Bringing Mobile Power To Remote Locations
2014년 11월 26일

Last summer, crowds gathered around the free smartphone charging station set up near Chungye-stream in the heart of Korea’s capital.  The service was developed by ENOMAD a local startup and attracts people with music during the day and lights after it gets dark. We met up with the team do discover more about how they are ‘bringing electricity to places without wires’. Q. please introduce ENOMAD. A. In the developed world we…

Korean Game Startup ‘IDIOCRACY’ Secures $500k After 8-Week Course On Entrepreneurship & Company Building
2014년 11월 25일

oIDIOCRACY is a cross format game that allows both PC and mobile users to play simultaneously. As a board game it is also accessible to players of all groups of ages. “I was very happy with the reasonable terms of investment from our Hong Kong investors, and the quick turnaround process,’ stated a company representative. “We are now adding the final touches, ready for release.” While the team’s first title is for…

Zikto, A Hardware Start-up From Seoul Secures $50k On KickStarter In First 24 hours
2014년 11월 25일

The proverbs say a good beginning is half the battle. Based on this Zikto is well on their way to success, having reached half of their KickStater goal on the first day. Update: On November 25 the $100k kickstarter goal was passed, with 27 days left on the campaign, which ends December 22. Zikto are the developers of ‘Arki,’ a wearable which helps to improve the walking posture of their user’s. While…

Here’s A Look At Seoul’s Top Accelerators, Unlocking Korean Startup Success
  ·  2014년 11월 21일

Seoul, with its rapidly growing startup ecosystem is gaining precedence as one of the most promising entrepreneurial hubs in the world. Home to two of the most influential global tech leaders, Samsung and LG, the perception of Seoul has traditionally been of a corporate hub. But this is now rapidly changing, as a new breed of tech startups rise and as the big boys begin to plateau. South Korea is now rapidly…

Startup And Entrepreneurship Events In Seoul, Korea: November 20 – November 27
2014년 11월 20일

As Seoul establishes itself as one of the key hotspots in Asia for startups and entrepreneurs, a large number of events are springing up to support this growth. Here is a calendar of events for startups and entrepreneurs in Seoul, from November 20th to November 27th. Check in soon for the next instalment. We are also happy to add your event to our calendar. Please send the details to and if…

스냅쳇, 스퀘어와 손잡고 온라인 송금 서비스 스냅캐시 시작 등
  ·  2014년 11월 18일

  [re/code] 스냅쳇, 스퀘어와 손잡고 온라인 송금 서비스 스냅캐시 시작 [TC] 스포티파이, 우버와 손잡고 택시안에서 음악 스트리밍 서비스 [GIZMODO] 뉴욕의 공중전화, 와이파이존으로 변신 [WSJ.D] 인텔, 스마트 팔찌 MICA 공개 [9TO5Mac] 애플, 버그 수정된 iOS 8.1.1 정식버전 배포 [The New York Times] 에어비엔비 여행 잡지 파인애플 출시. 출간호에 서울 출연? [TC] 트위터 공동 창업자 비즈 스톤, 한층 더 기이해진 의견 공유 앱 ‘슈퍼’ 출시 [TC] 애플, 중국 최대의 카드 네트워크, 유니언 페이 결제 지원

Is Korea On The Verge of an IoT Boom? beSUCCESS Aims To Find Out
2014년 11월 16일

Korea has traditionally been a powerhouse of manufacturing. Samsung, LG and Hyundai are formidable players in their respective industries globally and there are a myriad of smaller domestic companies that either support the big boys or have carved out their own niche. However, Korea has not traditionally been strong in software development, and this is now a national focus. From government directives, corporate strategy and a new breed of Korean tech startups,…

Mobile Ad-Platform ‘MOCOPLEX’ Is Cashing In Big On Ad-Tech, Partners With San Francisco Based SMAATO
2014년 11월 15일

Seoul based MOCOPLEX has recently announced a strategic alliance with SMAATO, an Ad specialist company based in San Francisco. The partnership will leverage the unique expertise of each partner, while expanding their reach by combining Ad networks in their respective home markets. Much discussion in Korea has recently centered around the difficulties of successfully expanding into new markets. Korean/Asian startups often struggle to take hold outside their domestic borders. In the same…

Korean Startups Are Hot This Year. Here’s a Look at The Top Accelerators Powering Their Success
  ·  2014년 11월 15일

Seoul, with its rapidly growing startup ecosystem, is gaining precedence as one of the most promising entrepreneurial hubs in the world. Home to two of the most influential global tech leaders, Samsung and LG, the perception of Seoul has traditionally been of a corporate hub. This is now rapidly changing, as a new breed of tech startups rise and as the big boys begin to plateau. South Korea is now rapidly moving…

SMATOOS Recognised by RedHerring As One of 2014’s Most Audacious Technology Companies
2014년 11월 14일

Korean EdTech startup SMATOOS, announced today that it has been selected as a candidate for Red Herring’s 2014 Top 100 Global award, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most audacious and far-reaching private technology companies and entrepreneurs from across the globe. SMATOOS connects US businesses to the Asian enterprise market using their popular BeNative service. BeNative interviews top-level executives of various American businesses and films their employees performing basic tasks at work….

Korean Game Developers Attract Interest From China, Jointly Raise Around $1 Billion USD
2014년 11월 13일

Korean developers are attracting increased interest from overseas firms. Tencent has already made a number of large-scale investments, and European companies are also actively seeking Korean gaming companies to bolster their growth. Due to current market conditions, it is likely that the Korean gaming market growth will have stalled by 2015, so Korean game companies are also actively looking for growth engines, particularly in overseas markets. It is also widely recognized that…

Korean Game Designer Raises Over $100 Million Investment From LINE – Tencent Consortium
2014년 11월 13일

4:33 Creative Lab, a top Korean mobile game designer, has joined hands with two of the world’s largest mobile messengers, Tencent and Line Corp. The enormous investment of 1,300 billion won (around $100 million USD) will help the company break into overseas markets and will assist in their plans to go public in 2015. Announcing that it had successfully attracted funds from the mobile messenger operators, the Seoul-based mobile game company said…

Despite Being The Most Wired City, Seoul Lags in The ‘Networked Society City Index’
2014년 11월 13일

Networked Society Lab published their “Networked Society City Index” report measuring the ICT maturity of the world’s major cities at the 2014 Business Innovation Forum recently held in Stockholm, Sweden, reported Business Korea. Stockholm, Sweden ranked number one and Seoul ranked 12th in the penetration and usage rates of information and communications technology. For the study 40 major cities around the world were indexed. The study evaluated the quality of each cities’…

As Korea’s Bitcoin Indutry Matures, ‘Inside Bitcoins Conference & Expo 2014’ Comes To Seoul
2014년 11월 12일

Developments in the Bitcoin industry in Korea have been attracting both local and global interest in the last 18 months or so and now three key Bitcoin startups are rising to the challenges of bringing virtual currencies into the mainstream in the world’s most wired country. With investment from some of Silicon Valley’s key Bitcoin supporters, KORBIT has moved from operation as a Bitcoin exchange and is now addressing how to work with offline…

Yello Mobile Announces $100M Investment From Formation 8, Achieves $1Bn Valuation
2014년 11월 11일

Yello Mobile has today announced an investment of just over $100M from Formation 8 Partners . The investment was made as a result of Yello Mobile’s opportunity to continue to grow into overseas markets. It is expected that the company will utilize Formation 8’s extensive networks and experiences from Silicon Valley, in order to lead the Asian mobile market in the future. Yello Mobile now have 50 ventures in their alliance, having…

The World’s Most Wired ‘Smart City’ Partners with SparkLabs’ Internet of Things Program
2014년 11월 07일

SparkLabs, one of Korea’s leading accelerators, has signed a partnership agreement with the company behind South Korea’s $35 billion Songdo International Business District to launch their new Internet of Things (IoT) Accelerator in Songdo in early 2015. Songdo International Business District (Songdo IBD) is a $35 billion “smart” city built on 1,500 acres (6 sq km) of reclaimed land.  Located adjacent to Incheon International Airport on the western coast of the Korean…

Common Values Trump High-Tech, The Case Of Korean Startup ‘Lineable’
2014년 11월 06일

“Protect our children together,” calls Lineable, a new wristband that helps track missing children. The device was developed by a Korean startup, yet the slogan has resounded with parents across the globe. What is Lineable? Lineable is a wristband loaded with beacon technology that enables parents to both prevent losing their children, and if they become lost, to find them easily. But that’s not all. Due to the core technology, the more…

Check Out These Two Korean Gaming Startups That Got Funded Today
2014년 11월 05일

Gaming in Korea has enjoyed around 15 years of great success. Among Korea’s top performing gaming ‘startups’ of the last 15 to 20 years are several that have achieve well over billion dollar valuations. These include NCSoft ($1.2Bn), Nexon ($3.7Bn), Com2US ($1.3Bn), and Devsisters ($755M) which just went public this month. Smilegate, another domestic star, is still private and its estimated valuation is creeping towards $4Bn. Where other areas of software innovation…

Has Samsung Finally Realised Growth Can’t Be Achieved Without Robust M&A Strategy?
2014년 11월 05일

As reported by Business Korea, Samsung Electronics has begun to emerge as a player in the global M&A market. In just the last six months the electronics giant, most known for its smartphones, has purchased four foreign companies. The new and aggressive M&A strategy has been adopted to counter profit slumps blamed on falling demand for Samsung’s old cash-cow, smartphones. Recent industry reports suggested that Samsung has acquired caching company Proximal Data in…