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Cyber Security Predictions for 2015: Were the Experts Right?
  ·  2016년 02월 05일

About this time last year, experts and analysts all placed their official predictions for the cyber threat landscape in 2015. Now that a year has come and gone, it would be interesting to see if these so called analysts were correct. Today, we will review some of the most common web security trends that experts thought would be a major issue in 2015. As a reference, Symantec developed an excellent infographic that…

The World’s Most Wired ‘Smart City’ Partners with SparkLabs’ Internet of Things Program
2014년 11월 07일

SparkLabs, one of Korea’s leading accelerators, has signed a partnership agreement with the company behind South Korea’s $35 billion Songdo International Business District to launch their new Internet of Things (IoT) Accelerator in Songdo in early 2015. Songdo International Business District (Songdo IBD) is a $35 billion “smart” city built on 1,500 acres (6 sq km) of reclaimed land.  Located adjacent to Incheon International Airport on the western coast of the Korean…

애플 페이와 구글 월렛, 미국 대표 드럭 스토어에서 사용 불가 등
  ·  2014년 10월 27일

  [GIGAOM] 미국 대표 유통 업체에서 애플 페이, 구글 월렛 지원 중단 미국 대표 유통 업체인 CVS와 라이트에이드(RiteAid)가 NFC를 사용한 결제 서비스를 제공하지 않겠다고 밝혔습니다. NFC 결제를 사용하지 않으면 고객들은 애플 페이와 구글 웰렛로 결제할 수 없게 됩니다. 이들은 ‘커런트C(CurrentC)’라는 결제수단을 사용할 거라고 밝혔는데요. 이 커런트C는 지난달 월마트, 세븐일레븐, 타깃 등의 굵직한 소매업체가 함께 출시한 상품입니다. 이로써 애플과 구글은 시장 확대를 가로막는 큰 장애물을 만나게 됐습니다.     [THE VERGE] 트위픽 서비스 중단 몇…

Samsung & LG Battling at CES Next Gen. Smart Gadgets
2014년 01월 07일

South Korea’s tech giants are battling it out at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, promoting their cutting-edge “smart” products. A total of 3,200 global players will showcase at one of the largest tech shows on earth Jan. 7-10, demonstrating how they aim to change our digital future. First round seems to have gone to Samsung, with their Smart Home solutions, which have out-shone LG’s Smart TVs, for now….

4 Hot News Items From The Korean Tech Big Boys, Samsung and LG
2013년 12월 27일

Samsung’s 4Q Operating Profit Likely to Fall Short of 10Tn Won Target Amid predictions that Samsung Electronics’ fourth-quarter operating profit will likely to fall short of their target of 10Tn won, the company’s stock price of Samsung Electronics hit a downward slope. Market watchers also predicted that this down-trend would continue into the first quarter of next year. According to financial information provider FnGuide on December 26, the consensus figures for Samsung…

High-tech TV content Search and Smart home Security at CES
  ·  2013년 01월 10일

Smart Home advances at CES 2013 from NetGear (live remote security feeds and advanced TV tech)- Much more coming in this space in 2013 from the major players.