Smartphone Penetration
Despite Being The Most Wired City, Seoul Lags in The ‘Networked Society City Index’
2014년 11월 13일

Networked Society Lab published their “Networked Society City Index” report measuring the ICT maturity of the world’s major cities at the 2014 Business Innovation Forum recently held in Stockholm, Sweden, reported Business Korea. Stockholm, Sweden ranked number one and Seoul ranked 12th in the penetration and usage rates of information and communications technology. For the study 40 major cities around the world were indexed. The study evaluated the quality of each cities’…

Smartphone Penetration Hits A New High In Korea, Still The Highest On Earth
2013년 03월 14일

Earlier this year we reported that smartphone penetration had reached 60%, and the new figure (only 2 months later) shows that a massive 67% of South Korean mobile subscribers use smartphones.