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German-Korean Entrepreneur Disrupting $5Bn Delivery Market, Bets on Offline-Online Megatrend
2014년 02월 13일

Naldo today announced a new online instant-delivery ordering service that aims to disrupt a domestic industry worth $5Bn. The company provides “immediate delivery of almost any item for B2B and B2C customers within a maximum timeframe of 90 minutes via a browser-based online ordering-system”. The existing offline instant-delivery market in Korea is already huge and sprawling, but Naldo aims to provide a much more streamlined and cost-efficient experience to customers. The early…

Around the World in 8 hours – beSUCCESS Style
2012년 11월 08일

A whirlwind networking day with networking extraordinaire, James Jung (Founder and CEO, beSUCCESS).