Korean Startups Are Targeting the Next Generation of Wearables
2016년 01월 22일

Wearables gained huge popularity during 2015 with high-profile releases such as the Apple Watch and Pebble Time bringing wearables truly into the mass consciousness. Wearables are now high demand items and are on course to be one of the biggest tech trends of 2016. While early wearables were often criticised as useless accessories for tech geeks, in 2015 we saw the first popular applications make their way into everyday life and gain…

Zikto, A Hardware Start-up From Seoul Secures $50k On KickStarter In First 24 hours
2014년 11월 25일

The proverbs say a good beginning is half the battle. Based on this Zikto is well on their way to success, having reached half of their KickStater goal on the first day. Update: On November 25 the $100k kickstarter goal was passed, with 27 days left on the campaign, which ends December 22. Zikto are the developers of ‘Arki,’ a wearable which helps to improve the walking posture of their user’s. While…

Wit.ai Raises $3M Seed Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz, Eyes Opportunity In Korea
2014년 10월 17일

As reported by TechCrunch, natural language platform wit.ai has announced a $3M seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz in a deal that has emerged shortly after the team graduated from Y Combinator. The company is tackling a need for smart speech recognition and natural language processing services, which are becomming a thriving industry thanks in part to the boom in IoT technologies. Wit.ai offers developers an API for building natural language interfaces. For startups that currently…

A Look At beGLBOAL Startups: Kairos Watches And Team Blind
2014년 10월 07일

beGLOBAL was the annual event held in Silicon Valley, hosted by beSUCCESS. In the following piece we take a look at two of the teams that were selected to pitch to investors at the event. Kairos Watches claims to have built the world’s first mechanical watch and has secured well over $1M in pre-sales. Team Blind has developed a secret messaging system to allow employees to communicated in the work setting anonymously….

Healthcare Wearables Startup YBRAIN, From Seoul, Raises $3.5M In Series A Funding
2014년 08월 27일

Healthcare wearables startup Ybrain announced today it closed on $3.5 million in Series A funding in a round led by Stonebridge Capital bringing company’s total raise to $4.2 million. The Korea-based startup, founded in Feb 2013 by a Caltech neuroscientist and Samsung engineers, offers healthcare wearables for Alzheimer’s disease patients. Ybrain is a brain signal based wearable device start up building mobile health and wellness solution platform for the healthy and impaired….

A Team of Korean Neuroscientists and Engineers Develops Wearable Tech To Combat Effects of Alzheimers
2014년 06월 23일

A team of Korean Engineers, PhD-level Neuro-scientists and ex-Googlers is taking on one of the most feared brain diseases we face in the modern age. Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) kills around 500,000 each year and the cost of care globally is estimated at $220Bn per annum. While this degenerative disease has no cure, YBrain has developed a solution for slowing the affects, with a rate of success believed to be greater than any…

Calling Asian Manufacturers in Internet of Things, Wearables, and Hardware Innovation: Showcase At beLAUNCH for FREE
2014년 03월 19일

Asian Manufacturers in Internet of Things, Wearables, and Hardware Innovation Showcase At beLAUNCH for FREE Apply here This year beLAUNCH is giving Asian hardware manufacturers a chance to showcase their most innovative products at beLAUNCH, May 14-15 in Seoul, for free. We are providing hardware manufacturers and those at the cutting edge of hardware, wearable tech, and the internet of Things (IOT) an opportunity to demonstrate their products in a special ‘Innovation…