[Part II] ZocDoc
2013년 04월 06일

So it’s needed in the states. Why is it needed in Korea? Since 2000, South Korea has grown from a developing pharmaceutical market to one boasting of universal healthcare coverage and easy access to medical facilities; but is South Korea provides strong financial support for its elderly population through impressive access to healthcare insurance and reimbursement. The Korean regulatory authority approves medical products through a transparent, strong and efficient regulatory system, and…

[Part I] ZooDoc: 3 Reasons Why They Succeeded
  ·  2013년 01월 23일

Korea has GooDoc, and America’s got ZocDoc. Earlier on this month, ZocDoc received more than 2.5 million people visits and 130% bump in bookings. Annual physical tests booked on ZocDoc are up about 650% since 2010. Consequently, it has raised $95 million in funding to date. What are their 3 reasons for success? In Part II, we will investigate the differences and provide an analysis of the current Korean market.

VentureBeat가 '환장'한 뉴욕소재 10개의 Startup
2012년 10월 24일

벤처비트는 실리콘 밸리와는 다른 성격을 가진 뉴욕에서 새로운 스타트업을 찾기 위해 특별 팀을 꾸렸다. 그 결과 10개의 잘 알려지진 않았지만 유니크한 스타트업을 10개 찾아냈다.

Today’s Top 3 Silicon Valley News(10.05)
2012년 10월 05일

1) 페이스북, 13개국에 브랜드 광고 실시
2) ZocDoc 체크인 기능으로 진료전 문서 작성
3) 무선충전이 가능한 스마트폰 충전용 손가방