The Future Of Smart Advertising Is Media Mining And Korean Startup Easiaid Aims To Lead The Market [Part 1]
2014년 07월 25일

Easiaid Logo

Easiaid is a Korean Start-up, obsessed with Media Mining, which seeks to track everything on TV shows in order to give Ad viewing power back to the customer. At a time when heritage advertising has lost its appeal and it efficacy, content producers are desperate to find new ways of monetizing content. The industry is wide open and innovation is leading future trends that could change the ways we consume branded content on line and on-screen.

Easiaid, aims to lead this in-trend opportunity from Korea, one of the hottest markets for media content, with a massive and growing young audience.

Case 1

Imagine you're watching TV and the most incredible song in the world is playing in the background. You don't have an app like Shazaam and you won't need it when Easiaid hits TVs and Computers everywhere. With Easiaid helps you find all the information about the song, artist and the artist's entire back-catalogue, with just a couple of clicks. Easiaid just saved you hours of research.

If Easiaid is planning the future, I can't wait to see it. It is giving freedom back to the customers but still allows content owners to easily monetize their work.

Case 2

If you're wondering what your favorite celebrity is wearing in that TV game-show or drama, Easiaid can tell you while you're watching it, before your mind wanders on to something else. Men no longer have to suffer through make-up commercials and teen girls don't need to learn about men's shaving products. In fact, Easiaid may aim to eliminate commercials all together.

Easiaid's Media Mining features are designed to easily upload videos and embed product information with a few simple steps. UX/UI is intuitively designed so anyone can easily use it. It increases sales by providing additional information that is unknown to the customer.

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Currently in Beta Testing stage, Easiaid is looking for investment to help them get to the next stage and over the last few months the team has been working through the K-Startup program, one of the leading accelerators in Korea that has close ties with Google.

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