beSUCCESS Media Group actively participates in BEYOND Expo, showcasing Korea’s thriving startup ecosystem
2023년 05월 12일

beSUCCESS Media Group, a renowned media group based in South Korea, played a significant role as a designated media partner at the esteemed BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo (BEYOND Expo) held in Macau. This prominent event, known as Asia's largest technology Expo, spanned from May 10 to 12 and provided a global platform for showcasing technological innovation and promoting industrial modernization. With over 800 exhibitors representing 120 countries, the expo attracted a diverse range of participants.

During the BEYOND Expo, , beSUCCESS Media actively highlighted its dedication to supporting Korean startups by participating in the Korea Tech Reception. This special gathering brought together prominent media and technology companies from Asia and around the world. James Jung, the CEO and founder of beSUCCESS Media, seized the opportunity to introduce the company and its initiatives to an audience comprising startups, corporate entities, media representatives, and organizers alike.

beSUCCESS media

beSUCCESS Media CEO James Jung talking about the company at BEYOND Expo 2023

beSUCCESS Media, founded in 2011, has played a significant role in supporting and fostering the growth of the startup ecosystem in South Korea and beyond. The company operates various platforms and initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and innovation. Among its media offerings are beSUCCESS and in Korean, and and in English. beSUCCESS Media site brings news regarding the Asian startup ecosystem and technology and innovation in Asian companies. 

During his speech, Jung emphasized that beSUCCESS Media not only provides valuable information about tech trends, startup news, and global entrepreneurship but also highlights Korea's startup ecosystem and shares news in English to support the global success of Korean startups. Besides, beSUCCESS runs different websites in English, covering news of K-Entertainment, travel, Korean products, news about US and Indian startups and technology.


beSUCCESS Media at BEYOND Expo 2023

Jung also talked about beSUCCESS Media Group's startup events, such as beLAUNCH and beGLOBAL, bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and investment opportunities in the Asian startup market.

 “BEYOND Expo is a great opportunity to be in Macau, which is an innovation and technology hub in Asia. It gives a great platform to promote the Korean market, technology, startups, and seek genuine ollaborations with global companies,” said James Jung about beSUCCESS Media’s participation in the event.

BEYOND Expo, the largest technology expo in Asia held in Macau, provides a significant platform for leading healthcare, sustainability, and consumer tech companies to showcase their innovations. beSUCCESS Media's involvement in the BEYOND Expo demonstrates its commitment to the Korean startup ecosystem fostering entrepreneurship, providing valuable media coverage, and facilitating connections within the global tech industry.

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