K Cube Ventures invests into Air Quality IoT BitFinder
2015 8월 27


On the 26th August, 'K Cube Venture' specialists in mobile, internet and technology investments, confirmed a US$700 k investment into BitFinder.  BitFinder is a startup providing an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring and control system solution.  This solution is Awair and allows users to be ‘Aware’ of the ‘air quality by determining what bits (particles) are in the air.  It does this through a concept called Internet of Things (IoT).

Internet of Things (IoT) is the system in which objects, animals or people have unique identifiers and have the ability to be connected with technology, transmit data and form an integrated network.  IoT applied to the field of ‘air quality’ means a monitoring device can be linked to your phone which can then notify you when it detects levels of unsafe particles or when the quality of the air is poor or dangerous. The system can be further integrated with  other devices that are able to control the aspects of the air quality that are not suitable.

The development of Awair has drawn on the impressive experiences of many global Silicon Valley companies within BitFinder.  Among BitFinder representatives include: Noh Bum Jun who has previously worked at Cisco and Boeing headquarters; Kevin Cho as CTO with his 33 years of experience as a Silicon Valley engineer; and Kim Bo Sung as their designer who previously worked for international design company IDEO.

Through internal sensors, Awair is able to provide an air quality score through its  real time monitoring of fine dust particles, allergens, chemical, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. Their patented proprietary algorithm is able to learn a person's life patterns and their preferences. Based on this learned intelligence, the algorithm provides accurate information regarding the air quality to the user in the form of a health advice message. The system can also be connected with other devices including IFTTT who specialise in smartphone automation solutions, Nest technology which controls temperature, humidifiers, and other smart phone integrated technologies to provide a system that enables the user to control the air quality.

Recently the company has also been cooperating with Mayo Clinic as they seek to broaden their scope into areas such as respiratory diseases.

The product is not yet launched and the BitFinder is currently running promotional pre-launch discount until October and will ship the product internationally.  

They also plan to provide language and local service support in China, Japan and Europe next year.

BitFinder representative Noh Bum Jun explained that “In the same way checking exercise activities and monitoring our eating have become part of daily lives, the monitoring of air quality will also increase".

KCube representative Kim Ki Jun said “poor air quality is an increasing global issue, so IoT devices that can control internal air quality have great potential”.

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