DaumKakao Kickstarts ‘KakaoTaxi’, Drivers’ App
2015년 01월 14일


DaumKakao has launched the driver’s version of ‘Kakao Taxi’ Android app on the 13th. This application is a prerelease version to recruit drivers before  launching the passengers’ version of the app.

Any registered taxi drivers can download the app and register as a member. To register, drivers will have to enter their names, first 6 digits of their social security number, license number, upload their photos and license image.

DaumKakao then approves the registration requests after careful evaluation based on the credibility and the accuracy of the information provided. It is after the approval when the taxi drivers become a member and start utilizing the service. A licensed taxi driver, regardless of their districts, whether with a taxi company or not, can request to be a member of the app. Also, those, who are already a member of the existing taxi calling apps, can become a member of the Kakao Taxi as well.

The approved drivers can find out about the news regarding service and promotions through the app. When the passenger’s app is launched, and the service begins at full scale, driver’s version will be automatically updated with the functions for checking passenger calls and allocation.

Ju-Hwan Jung, TF director of DaumKakao, said, “Kakao Taxi is a mobile platform that provides not only comfort and credibility to the passengers, but creates profits for the taxi industry. We will do our best to prepare the infrastructure until the complete version launches and aim to effectively connect the drivers and the passengers through the mobile platform.”

DaumKakao is currently working on the passenger’s version of the Kakao Taxi, aiming to release it in the first quarter. The specific service specs regarding passenger and driver connection model, payment method, quality control will be revealed with the launching of passenger’s app, after the process of policy making.

Meanwhile, in last month of 17th, DaumKakao has officially announced the Kakao Taxi service plans after passing the ‘Kakao Taxi service business agreement’ with Korea Smart Card and Seoul Taxi Association.. The scope of cooperation is expanding nationwide with the taxi industry partners all around the country, and planning to recruit drivers with the launch of driver’s app.

Source of the Photograph : daumkakao blog


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