1Billion Partners Hosts Dynamic Demo Day in Seoul, Unveiling Promising Startups
2024년 01월 18일

초기 스타트업 전문 액셀러레이터 ‘원빌리언파트너스’ 데모데이 열어…전설이 될 창업가들의 모임

1Billion Partners, an accelerator dedicated to early-stage startups, showcased its vibrant portfolio during a private demo day at the Urban Creators Unit Lounge in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. Investment companies, including 1Billion Partners, Owl Ventures, and Angel Round's 1004 Partners, took the opportunity to highlight the services of startups they've invested in, unveiling achievements and future plans. The event brought together an array of innovative ventures across various sectors.

Notable startups featured were To the Moon, Ranking GG, Gwabba, and AI academy index-based brokerage platform Haksoop by WMakers. Others included Bravi's office concert service, GI Billions, operator of premium oral product Toothnote, beauty brand VERAMORE by Elroy, Talented's artist career platform, and RED Q's web content production.

Yuna Kim, CEO of Layer Cosmetics, operator of Nesh, a scalp wellness brand for women (photo:beSUCCESS)

Joining the lineup were Moment Studio, Lit Lounge, Stan B, Milk Corporation, Terriland, Outstanders, Tart, Shukran Korea, Lab to Bottle, Snapsell, Alchemi Lab, and HIVEMIND, an AI solution for copyright detection. Newcomers such as sports supplement brand E4A, hobby class platform Locle by Intergalactic, and scalp wellness brand Nesh by Layers Cosmetic also garnered attention.

Alchemi Lab's CEO, Sam Kim, noted the progress and dynamism of the startups, emphasizing the improvement in presentation skills and materials. He expressed, "Every time I come to Demo Day, I can feel how dynamic startups are becoming."

The event drew attention from industry leaders like Gowid, Riiid, Smilegate Investment, Ascendo Ventures, SOSV Orbit Startups, GNTech Venture Investment, Hallym University Technology Holding Company, Hyundai Investment Partners, and Home & Shopping. Hallym University Technology Holdings CEO, Lee Hee-woo, highlighted the diversity of businesses on display, emphasizing the potential for positive news in the investment market as these startups establish internal stability.

To the Moon CEO Ha Tae-il (Photo: beSUCCESS)

Choi Sung-hee, CEO of 1Billion Partners, emphasized the significance of the demo day, stating, "It's a place to witness the passion and growing pains of entrepreneurs up close. As an accelerator, we create an ecosystem to overcome obstacles and foster innovation." 1Billion Partners, founded in 2021, has invested in around 20 startups, fostering growth in fields ranging from professional golf recruitment to craft beer manufacturing. The startups fostered include names like Gadget Korea, FieldMentor, Pleisure, Ggeek Beer Company.

As the startups presented their progress and ambitions, the demo day underscored the resilience and creativity of the Korean startup ecosystem, setting the stage for further collaboration and innovation in the coming months.

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