beSUCCESS Media Group

beSUCCESS is a company dedicated to supporting Korean enterprises in their global expansion efforts, serving as a bridge connecting domestic companies with the global ecosystem.

Founded in 2012, beSUCCESS began as a media company focused on domestic startups. Since its inception, with a deep understanding of the global market, beSUCCESS has been supporting Korean startups in their overseas expansion through PR, education, consulting, accelerating, and investment attraction for 11 years.

All executives at beSUCCESS possess more than 10 years of hands-on experience in the startup sector, as well as expertise in global investment attraction, accelerator operation, and startup development. Furthermore, all staff members have at least 3 years of experience working with domestic and international startups, along with experience in operating overseas startup training and global conference programs. They also hold professional qualifications such as completion of a specialized startup planner training course.

beSUCCESS has hosted some of the largest global startup conferences in Korea, including 'beLAUNCH' and 'beGLOBAL', and has also held several conferences in Silicon Valley. In addition, beSUCCESS has launched 'beGINNING', an overseas investment attraction platform, and has been making efforts to support overseas investment attraction through participation in global accelerator programs.

Recently, beSUCCESS has grown into a media group operating 11 in-house media outlets for various industries, including KoreaTechDesk and AsiaTechDaily, recording over 3 million monthly impressions and more than 800,000 monthly page views. In 2023, beSUCCESS further expanded its business scope by launching a global branded content service.

beSUCCESS has established a network of VC/law firm/press partners in major cities across 5 countries, including the United States, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, and the United Kingdom. Leveraging its global startup player network built over a decade, beSUCCESS plans and operates customized business programs for its clients.

Moreover, beSUCCESS directly operates global media in various fields such as tech, startups, K-pop, travel, and gaming, possessing the capability to achieve top exposure (SEO) in Google search results. Through these efforts, beSUCCESS has produced numerous successful cases of global investment attraction for domestic startups in diverse sectors, including tech, consumer goods, and content.

beSUCCESS will continue to provide services that offer practical assistance for the global expansion of domestic startups, such as PR/marketing, investor/buyer matching, and collaboration with overseas companies/institutions, serving as a reliable partner for the successful global advancement of Korean enterprises.

beSUCCESS South Korea’s leading startup and tech media website. With articles in Korean, beSUCCESS is one of the oldest and most reputed media platforms about the South Korean startup ecosystem. It is beSUCCESS media group’s flagship brand.


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